A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1599

The black mamba didn’t fall down yet, Lin Ziming had already arrived in front of him again, punching again, very rough and direct.
At this moment, the Black Mamba felt Lin Ziming’s incomparably powerful strength. Even if Lin Ziming’s size was two laps smaller than him, he was not yet Lin Ziming’s opponent.
The others couldn’t help being shocked when they saw Lin Ziming kick the Black Mamba with one kick, but because of what happened to Zhongjing Junichiro just now, they were not so surprised.
“Since you want my Hua Guo to explain to you, then I will explain to you on behalf of Hua Guo.” Lin Ziming’s voice sounded very ordinary, but the coercive and indifferent tone revealed by his tone was very impressive. Chilling.
Fortunately, Black Mamba is also a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, and soon he adjusted his posture. From a subtle angle, he escaped Lin Ziming’s punch, and then he landed again and started to confront Lin Zi. Ming launched a counterattack.
His combat experience is extremely rich, with his strong race, he has a natural combat advantage, so he has confidence in himself, even if Lin Ziming defeated Zhongjing Junichiro just now, he also believes in himself, and Lin Ziming has the power to fight. !
Besides, even if you lose, what will happen, at least you can try Lin Ziming’s strength!
“Lin Ziming, others are afraid of you, my black mamba is not afraid of you!” Hei Mamba snorted and began to counterattack. His speed is extremely fast, and his whole person is like a huge brown bear, agile. And the punches and feet are very heavy, every punch and every kick is full of explosive power!
If he changed to Zhongjing Junichiro, he was not his opponent even if he was not able to draw his sword. No wonder he had the courage to provoke him after seeing Lin Ziming crushing Zhongjing Junichiro.
However, that’s it, since the Black Mamba wants to provoke him, then he must pay the corresponding price!
This time, Lin Ziming didn’t show weakness like the previous few times, but he directly used 70% of his strength from the beginning, directly beating the black mamba in a crushing posture.
It’s wrong, it’s beating, and he didn’t use any subtle tricks, but he just went head-to-head with the black mamba!
He wants to defeat the black Mamba in the area where the black Mamba is confident!
Hei Mamba obviously also noticed Lin Ziming’s movement, and the corners of his mouth raised, showing some sneers. He thought that Lin Ziming was completely arrogant and reckless.
People all over the world know that the strengths of the warriors in China are their subtle moves and bells and whistles, and their weakness is their lack of strength. And now this Chinese man actually wants to crush him in strength, this is completely seeking his own death.
Although he was beaten back with a punch by Lin Ziming just now, it was because he didn’t have a good footwork and didn’t show 100% of his strength.
Now that he was ready, Lin Ziming had to face him head-on, so he was looking for death at all.
The corners of his mouth were raised, showing some smirks, and he felt that he had the chance to win.
However, his smile didn’t last long. Soon, when he collided with Lin Ziming, his face suddenly changed! Because he felt the fierce and fierce power transmitted from Lin Ziming, every punch he collided with brought him a lot of shock, making his whole bones feel very uncomfortable.
There may even be qi and blood rolling, and I want to feel like vomiting.
On the contrary, Lin Ziming didn’t do anything at all, but he still seemed to be walking leisurely. From this point of view, Lin Ziming didn’t have to do his best.
But how is this possible? He is a strong man with racial talent. In terms of strength, he is far more than the Chinese.
“This is impossible!” Black Mamba couldn’t help but exclaimed.
Lin Ziming just sneered and said, “You are a weak chicken, and you dare to challenge me? Reckless!”
After the words fell, Lin Ziming immediately began to increase his attack. His punch broke the black mamba’s defense directly and directly reached the black mamba’s cheek.
He only heard a bang and the sound of fists, and the huge body of the black mamba was hit and flew out.
And this time there was no scream, because the black mamba had passed out directly.

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