A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1600

If he was in a fighting game, he would be thrown away by Lin Ziming in this situation.
Lin Ziming stopped, and did not have the chance to pursue the victory. He looked at the group of foreigners who were already dumbfounded, and said coldly: “You are on the territory of China, and you dare to be so arrogant. People, do you have a way?”
What he said was very plain, but the toughness and domineering revealed in his tone were something they hadn’t seen in Chinese people over the years.
Because over the years, because of the great reduction in the power of China, many Chinese warriors have begun to keep a low profile in the international arena, and tolerate it. It has been a long, long time, there hasn’t been anyone as strong and tough as Lin Ziming.
So when they saw Lin Ziming’s eyes, they didn’t dare to look at them, and hurriedly lowered their heads.
Lin Ziming snorted coldly, and then said to Li Dao and the others, “All those who violate the rules will be detained and disqualified from the competition.”
“Yes! Instructor Lin!”
They responded loudly, with enthusiasm and excitement on their faces, and they admired and admired Lin Ziming incomparably, even Li Dao was no exception.
He didn’t hate Lin Ziming long ago, because he knew that he would never be able to surpass Lin Ziming in his life, especially after seeing the wild power displayed by Lin Ziming, he couldn’t help but admired and admired Lin Ziming completely. .
This is the worship of the strong.
This matter was quickly resolved under Lin Ziming’s intervention.
There is no need for Lin Ziming to worry about the next thing, he is only responsible for force deterrence.
Specific details will be handled by professional staff.
But after this incident, Lin Ziming’s majesty became even more erect.
The most obvious thing is that in the following competitions, if there are Chinese martial artists participating, the opponent’s foreign martial artists no longer dare to be as arrogant and arrogant as they were just now, and there is no situation where they surrender and dare to do it.
For this, all the Chinese martial artists present couldn’t help but feel grateful to Lin Ziming.
It took a long time for Hei Mamba to wake up, but his attitude didn’t dare to be as tough as before. Even if Lin Ziming was not present, he became a lot more honest, cooperating with Hua Guo’s work.
Of course, as a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, it is unrealistic to deprive him of his qualifications for the game.
But those members of his clan are not so lucky. All those who participated in the group fight just now were deprived of the qualifications for the competition.
Then, the Kung Fu Cup continued for another week.
In this week, no less than two hundred games have been played, and the battle has been fierce. There have been many deaths.
After all, not everyone has a chance to surrender.
Moreover, in order to ensure the gold content of the Kung Fu Cup, each contestant has only two chances of surrender. Once used up, they will no longer have the right to surrender. Once on the field, unless the opponent is willing to show mercy, there will only be two. Road, defeat the opponent, or be killed by the opponent.
This week, the news is not good for China, because China has lost more than half of its warriors and eliminated at least two-thirds.
It is expected that if this continues, China will definitely not get any good rankings.
So many people wondered if it was time for Lin Ziming to end.

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