A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1601

Indeed, besides Lin Ziming, there are no martial artists who can do well in Hua Guo.
Even for some innate realm masters, there are very few who can be under the age of forty, and the strength is not too strong, they are not the opponents of these foreign warriors at all!
At the end of this week, the Chinese warriors have not achieved much success in every group, and even two groups, even one of them did not enter the semi-finals, it can be said that the whole army has been overthrown.
At the same time, there was a lot of ridicule in the Kung Fu Cup. No matter how great Lin Ziming is, can a person’s strength represent the strength of a nation?
Hua Guo is still a bug, there is no master at all.
Moreover, in order to protect Lin Ziming’s only seedling, Hua Guo obviously did not plan to let Lin Ziming go off the game.
Therefore, China doesn’t want to win the Kung Fu Cup this time.
Seeing this situation, both General Qin and Peng Zhuo were very anxious. Finally General Qin couldn’t help but said, “Instructor Lin, don’t you think about going off? The current situation is not good for our country.”
After General Qin’s voice fell, Li Dao immediately said, “Yes, Instructor Lin, you are the only one who can save China now! Alas, it’s a pity that I’m over forty years old, otherwise I really want to end. , Teach these foreigners severely!”
Zhao Xia also said: “Instructor Lin, if I remember correctly, you are only twenty-nine years old this year, and you are fully qualified to participate in the competition! With your strength, instructor Lin, once you are out of the field, then you must not take the ghosts The ass of the killer is pissing, and it’s falling!”
Hearing that Lin Ziming is only twenty-nine years old, many people are still surprised. They know that Lin Ziming is young, but they have never thought that Lin Ziming is so young, it is absolutely abnormal!
“Of course, what kind of person is Instructor Lin? An invincible powerhouse in the realm of the gods, an extraordinary genius who is rare in the world for thousands of years. As long as instructor Lin goes out, let alone teaching these foreigners, even champions are within easy reach. !!!”
What they said was very relaxed and very high. They had incomparable confidence in Lin Ziming. This confidence was almost blind, as if Lin Ziming was omnipotent. As long as he did it, there would be nothing he could not do.
It stands to reason that they are all elites in the society, they are extremely mature in their thinking, and they will not have such blind confidence. But it is true that Lin Ziming’s performance over time is too amazing. For Huaguo, it is like Dinghaishenzhen.
Even if he was a military god back then, it was nothing but that.
Of course, with Lin Ziming’s current realm, he can’t compare with the military god, but they believe that giving Lin Ziming a little more time can completely reach the military god realm!
Especially, the champion of the Kung Fu Cup this time is qualified to go to the secret realm. When Lin Ziming comes out, he will be the powerhouse of the god-passing realm.
When the time comes, there will be two powerhouses in the power of the gods in the state of China, then the state of China is really going to be strong, and it is not possible that it will become the first power!
They have high hopes for Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming naturally knew their thoughts. At this moment, Xiao Cangmang on the side said in a deep voice, “I think instructor Lin can’t get off the court easily.”
Many people immediately raised questions.
Xiao Cangmang went on to explain: “Because not only we want Instructor Lin to end, the dozens of Innate Realm Great Perfection powerhouses must also be waiting for Instructor Lin to end. In the final eight, they will definitely unite and besiege Instructor Lin. At that time, instructor Lin will not even have the chance to retire, and the risk is too great.”
At this point, Xiao Cangmang’s words were already very obvious.

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