A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1604

A woman stared at Shangguan Shuyao and asked curiously.
Her words immediately caught the attention of several other women, who all stared at Shangguan Shuyao.
“Why ask this, wasn’t it obvious last time?” Shangguan Shuyao blinked and said.
Another woman said, “Fake it, that guy is from Hwaseong, he is of ordinary origin, and he is totally unworthy of you. How can you be attracted to this guy with your eyes?”
Several other women also nodded. Based on their understanding of Shangguan Shuyao, they did not believe that Shangguan Shuyao would like an ordinary person.
Shangguan Shuyao couldn’t see through their thoughts, she glanced over them, snorted and said, “You guessed wrong. He is not an ordinary person. In terms of energy, Qin Long is far worse than him. Up.”
Shangguan Shuyao didn’t brag. The more she had contact with Lin Ziming, the more sure she was. Lin Ziming’s power was not comparable to Qin Long’s second-generation ancestor. ask
It’s just that her words did not win their trust. On the contrary, she thought that Shangguan Shuyao was brainwashed. This is a manifestation of beauty in the eyes of her lover.
Another woman asked gossiping: “Shangguan, where have you developed with that guy? Wouldn’t it have been with him?”
When she said this, it immediately aroused the curiosity of other women, staring directly at Shangguan Shuyao.
Soon they clearly saw that Shangguan Shuyao was stunned for a moment, and then some blushes appeared on his face, and said: “I said it last time, I am already his person.”
“No, you really gave yourself to him?”
“Oh my God, if this spreads to the circle, how many people should be heartbroken!”
“Qin Long is going to kill someone!”
“But Qin Long was so difficult to be repaired last time, I guess there is no way to know it.”
They started gossiping all of a sudden, chatting non-stop.
“No.” A woman said immediately, “Shangguan, you must be lying. If you really do like him, your grandfather can’t call him back to Yandu!”
“Yes, and your walking posture is wrong, you must still be a virgin.”
Someone questioned it.
Shangguan Shu Yao gave a white glance and said, “Believe it or not.”
Her appearance made other people begin to believe in her, whether she really had a relationship with Lin Ziming.
Because they are in the bar, and they are all good-looking, their temperament is more elegant and noble, far from ordinary women can compare.
So it quickly attracted the attention of most of the men in the bar, especially Shangguan Shuyao’s beauty, which made them obsessed with it. Finally, a few men couldn’t help it and walked over to chat.
“Hey, several beauties, our boss wants to invite you over for a drink.”

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