A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1605

These men don’t look like good people, and there are a lot of tattoos on their bodies, and you can see that they are social.
They also drank a lot of alcohol, and as soon as they walked over, they exuded a strong smell of alcohol. The women in Shangguan Shuyao smelt them. They all frowned slightly, feeling quite annoying.
With their identities, they naturally don’t confuse these chaotic society, but feel a little bit interesting. They are all eldest ladies in the Yandu circle. They are usually protected very well, not to mention the small people of chaotic society, even if they are a lot of assets. Big bosses with hundreds of millions of dollars are respectful and respectful in front of them. Where did they ever encounter such a situation?
For them, this is something that will only appear on TV.
“Who is your boss?” a woman asked immediately.
“Beauty, our boss, but the king of Hwaseong, when you meet our boss, you will know who our boss is.” Someone said madly.
“The king of Hwaseong?” The few of them laughed after hearing it. They thought it was very interesting. They came to the bar and actually met the’king of Hwaseong’.
Of course, they are not three-year-old children, so naturally they will not believe it. They have not eaten pork and have seen pigs run. This is just bragging about these little gangsters.
For them, drinking in a bar, encountering this kind of thing is quite interesting.
“The king of Hwaseong sounds very awesome. However, we are the king of Yandu, so your boss is not useful in front of us.” One of the women teased.
The complexions of those gangsters changed slightly, their expressions were much colder, and they also brought some threats, saying: “A few beauties, our boss is sincere to call you to drink, you better be more interesting, otherwise we will come hard. That’s it.”
After speaking, they all began to look at these women, threatening and malicious in their eyes.
“Haha, is it? Then I have to see, what can you do to invite us over.”
“Damn, shamelessly!”
“Go together, take these ladies down!”
This group of gangsters immediately became angry and embarrassed, and they acted directly, using strong means to capture Shangguan Shuyao and the others.
They had already drunk alcohol and their brains were restless. These women were good-looking, and they knew they were rich girls at first glance. None of them had played with women of this level, and they were full of excitement and excitement for a while.
They didn’t worry about any retaliation, because they had a boss over them.
When you wait for it, you can wipe the oil and eat tofu. Isn’t it beautiful?
It’s a pity that they have a good abacus, but they underestimated the strength of these women.
As soon as they rushed over, they didn’t even touch anyone with their hands, they were countered by these women from Yandu, and they were beaten back in twos or twos. Two gangsters were slapped several times, and their faces were slapped. It’s swollen.
“Bitch, you dare to fight back! You are dead, you are dead!”
After being taught, the gangsters turned into anger, and didn’t dare to do any more. They put down the cruel words and left in a desperate manner.
However, what they said did not cause the panic of Shangguan Shuyao and others, but it made them feel very exciting and very interesting.
They are the eldest ladies in Yandu. Everyone has a different family background. They have learned some martial arts since childhood. Although they are not masters, it is still very easy to play a few punks. ask
Because they are pretty girls, they have never had a fight when they grow up. Now it’s very exciting to beat up a few gangsters.

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