A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1607

Under everyone’s gaze, I saw a slender figure standing at the door, and then slowly walked over.
He is not someone, but Lin Ziming who has just arrived.
Shangguan Shuyao was the first to recognize him. She was nervous and relaxed a lot at once, feeling a great sense of security, and she began to smile.
I don’t know why, every time she sees Lin Ziming, she has an indescribable sense of security, as if as long as Lin Ziming is there, she will rush to a particularly safe place, and everything in the world can’t hurt her. same.
As soon as Lin Ziming came in and saw this scene, he frowned slightly and sighed in his heart. How could he not see what was happening there. Needless to say, Shangguan Shuyao must have caused some trouble again.
Now Lin Ziming thinks more and more that Shangguan Shuyao is his creditor in his previous life, and he has come to collect debts from him in this life.
Fortunately, the situation in front of you is not too much trouble, it is just some social gangsters.
“Hey, this man, how come you look familiar?”
Immediately, in the team of Shangguan Shuyao, a woman questioned.
Because the light at the scene was relatively dark and Lin Ziming came in with backlight, they couldn’t see Lin Ziming’s appearance clearly from their angle.
Soon a woman said in surprise: “I remember, isn’t this the guy from the last time, Shangguan’s boyfriend!”
“It’s him?!”
The others also began to be surprised, and immediately looked at Shangguan Shuyao, and a smile appeared on Shangguan Shuyao’s face, which obviously confirmed their conjecture.
Soon, the gangsters also reacted, staring at Lin Ziming who was approaching with unkind eyes.
Because their boss still doesn’t speak, it’s not easy for them to act rashly for a while.
Lin Ziming came over and said to Shangguan Shuyao: “Let’s go, the plane is ready.”
He didn’t want to talk about Shangguan Shuyao.
Just take Shangguan Shuyao back to Yandu directly.
Shangguan Shuyao obviously didn’t think so. She said, “Is it? It seems that it’s not that easy to leave now.”
Lin Ziming glanced at the gangsters around him and said, “What happened?”
When the women saw Lin Ziming, they didn’t panic immediately and restored their composure, because they knew that Lin Ziming was a super expert, and that Lin Ziming was there. These gangsters were not scary at all.
Shangguan Shu Yao’s tail pointed at the bag, very lazy, and said with a smile: “What else can be the case? It’s these gang of toads. Seeing that we are beautiful, come over and think of us as gangsters.”
Lin Ziming rolled his eyes, and it was simply outrageous to encounter this kind of thing with the status of Guan Shuyao and the eldest ladies.
Besides, when they come to a place like a bar, do they not bring bodyguards?
Sometimes Lin Ziming was a little doubtful whether Shangguan Shuyao deliberately caused trouble, and then waited for him to come over before solving it.
After all, the character of Guan Shuyao above must have done this kind of thing.
But at this time, Lin Ziming didn’t bother to talk so much with her, and he didn’t even take it seriously.
Shangguan Shuyao took his arm in the past and said to the bastard boss: “Bald guy, I’m sorry, my boyfriend is here, so you guys get out of here, otherwise, when my boyfriend gets angry, all of you All will suffer.”
After finishing talking, she blinked her eyes deliberately and leaned her head on Lin Ziming’s shoulder.

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