A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1609

After leaving the bar, Lin Ziming had directly arranged a convoy and was going to take Guan Shuyao to the place where the helicopter stayed, and flew back to Yandu that night.
He also felt that all the women except Shangguan Shuyao were looking at him curiously, full of interest.
“Hey, Lin Ziming, what realm are you now? Seeing that it was easy for you to make a move just now.”
Finally, a woman couldn’t help asking.
The other women immediately stared at him. They found that Lin Ziming looked really extraordinary, different from other men they had met before.
It’s not that Lin Ziming looks good, but Lin Ziming has an indescribable temperament, very calm, very angry, and strong at the same time, completely different from the peers they have met.
It even gave them a feeling that Lin Ziming was a natural leader, with a prince-like aura on him.
Lin Ziming didn’t bother to pay attention to them, and said directly: “It’s getting late, you go back to your homes, I want to bring Guan Shuyao back to Yandu.”
The woman was a little annoyed when she saw Lin Ziming ignored her just now, but immediately when she heard that Lin Ziming was going to take Guan Shuyao back to Yandu, she asked in surprise: “What? Are you going back to Yandu? I rely on, you and Shangguan is going to see the parents, right? You are developing too fast, right?”
The other women also opened their eyes wide and started to be shocked.
Shangguan Shuyao faced their gaze inquiries, and did not answer, but showed an intriguing look, which was clearly to confuse them deliberately.
Lin Ziming said lightly: “You have misunderstood, I just listened to Shangfeng’s order and took Guan Shuyao back.”
Although he explained it this way, in their eyes, it was obvious that the word unbelief was written.
But Lin Ziming didn’t bother to pay attention to them anymore, and said directly to Shangguan Shuyao: “Okay, it’s time to go back.”
Shangguan Shuyao nodded, acting docilely, and said, “Okay, dear, I will listen to you.”
Hearing her babbling tone, he couldn’t help but shudder, and said, “Can you speak normally, I have goose bumps.”
The coquettish expression on Shangguan Shuyao’s face suddenly stiffened involuntarily, turning into anger from some irritation. This damn Lin Ziming is puzzled!
However, for several other women, they became more convinced that there must be an abnormal relationship between them, because they all know Shangguan Shuyao very well. If Shangguan Shuyao was not interested in Lin Ziming, it would be impossible to be so intimate and act like a baby.
Just then the motorcade came, and Lin Ziming wanted to take Guan Shuyao into the car. Seeing him like this, he wanted to leave all the other women behind.
This approach of his was immediately resisted by them.
“Hey, Lin Ziming, what do you mean, don’t you carry us together? We are Shangguan’s best friends.”
“Yes, if you offend us, be careful that we speak ill of you in front of Shangguan.”
However, Lin Ziming ignored them, just got in the car and asked the driver to drive.
“This damn Lin Ziming! It’s too much!”
When they watched Lin Ziming and Shangguan Shuyao get in the car, they really abandoned them here, and they stomped their feet angrily.
Since they were young, they have never met people like Lin Ziming, and they are completely ignored.
If they were in Yandu, they would have taught Lin Ziming a long time ago, but now they have nothing to do.
I have to admit that Lin Ziming is indeed no ordinary person, and Lin Ziming’s strength far exceeds their imagination.
Soon, some of them spread the message, found a group in the Yandu circle, and sent a message: telling everyone a heavy message, tonight the official will bring her true son back to Yandu Oh.
As soon as this message was sent, the group that had been silent for a long time immediately exploded, and the messages were sent out one by one.

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