A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1611

Qin Long directly Ai Te Liu Mei.
“Liu Mei, are you sure that Lin, who is surnamed Lin, is coming to Yandu?”
After Qin Long sent out the information, the chattering people in the group didn’t dare to speak immediately, and fell into a brief silence.
Liu Mei quickly replied: “Yes, they should have boarded a helicopter by now, and it is estimated that they will be in Yandu soon.”
Immediately Liu Mei responded with another message: “Qin Long, I think this Lin Ziming is not easy to deal with. He directly listened to Shangguan’s grandfather’s order and returned to Yandu, and he also brought Shangguan with him. He didn’t know if they wanted What shall we do when we go back together?”
When she said these words, Qin Long in a luxurious manor immediately twitched the corners of her mouth twice.
He lost his temper and slammed the things on the table hard to the ground, and fell into pieces. The young woman who was rubbing his shoulders from behind was immediately taken aback.
Qin Long gritted his teeth. He didn’t know what Liu Mei meant. He was hinting that Lin Ziming and Shangguan Shuyao were going to Yandu this time, and he was going to see his parents!
Once he met his parents, he didn’t have a chance. The most important thing was that everyone in the circle knew that he liked Shang Guan Shuyao and was almost tied together. Many people regard them as golden boys and girls, and just like Shangguan Shuyao married another man, then Qin Long would directly become a joke!
How could Qin Long accept this kind of thing? Right now, he was so angry that he gritted his teeth and burst out like a volcano, seeing everything in front of him start to smash.
His appearance scared many people in the house, but he didn’t dare to say a word, for fear of offending this bad-tempered master.
After a while, he slowly calmed down, his eyes full of bloodshot eyes, full of anger and hatred.
“Lin Ziming!!!” He almost uttered these three words from between his teeth. These days, he has rarely investigated Lin Ziming. Lin Ziming was once regarded as the greatest enemy in his life, but the more he investigated, the weaker he became.
It’s not that he is incompetent, but that Lin Ziming is too good, and he is not comparable to his second generation ancestor. In particular, Lin Ziming’s martial arts cultivation base stood at the top of mankind. It can be said that in the entire country of China, only the god of war can suppress Lin Ziming.
But do you really want him to watch Lin Ziming at that impunity and take away his woman? He is really unwilling to do so!
At this time, not only him, but many people in the group also realized the meaning of Liu Mei’s words. Shangguan Shuyao is about to be pursued by Lin Ziming, and it is all about meeting his parents… .
After a while, someone said, “How sacred is this surnamed Lin? Can he chase our goddess away quietly? Does he have three heads and six arms?”
“Hmph, no matter where he is sacred, if he dares to chase Shangguan, he must pass our level.”
“He and Shangguan are going to Yan Yan tonight, brothers, when that time comes we will find a chance to greet this guy well and see what he has three heads and six arms.”
Many people are beginning to say this.
Finally, Qin Long began to speak again, “If he really dares to come to Yandu, I will meet him for a while!”
“I support Qin Long!”
“That is necessary, I also support Qin Ge.”
For a while, many people in the group began to support Qin Long, and the discussion was completed. When Lin Ziming and Shangguan Shuyao arrived in Yandu, they must meet Lin Ziming for a while. Look at what Lin Ziming has three heads and six arms that can actually soak away their goddess.
If Shangguan Shuyao was chased away by Qin Long, after all, Qin Long was in their circle, and his status was not low, but Lin Ziming, from outside the circle, or from Hwaseong, for them, it was just one. Only mud legs. This is an unacceptable fact for them from noble backgrounds.

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