A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1616

On Xiao Lan’s side, after she came out of Shangguan Shuyao’s room, she returned to her room. It was not easy for Shangguan to take a shower and said to her, “What’s the matter with you? Have you quarreled with the girl?”
Xiao Lan said: “It’s not easy, do you feel that Shu Yao is back this time, is a bit different?”
Shangguan said difficultly: “Where is it different? I think she is quite normal, she is still as naughty as before, like you when you were young.”
Xiao Lan groaned: “I’m not talking about this!”
After a pause, Xiao Lan said again: “It’s not easy, don’t you think that the girl Shu Yao and Instructor Lin are a bit unusual?”
Hearing this, Shangguan Buyi immediately stopped his movements, with some dignity on his face. As a superior person with superior IQ and EQ, Shangguan was not easy to be unique. He naturally discovered that this time he came back, Shangguan Shuyao and Lin Zimingzhi In between, there are some unusual relationships…
Of course, this abnormality is mainly manifested in his daughter Shangguan Shuyao.
He asked directly: “What evidence do you have?”
Xiao Lan said: “Look at Shu Yao’s circle of friends for yourself.”
Shangguan Buyi immediately turned on the phone, and soon he discovered that there was no difference in Shangguan Shuyao’s circle of friends, “She doesn’t have a circle of friends.”
“Impossible!” Xiao Lan immediately grabbed the phone to read it. She soon discovered that Shangguan Shuyao’s circle of friends had been deleted. “This girl, deleted that circle of friends.”
At this time, Shangguan was not easy and became a little curious, and asked, “What circle of friends did she post?”
So Xiao Lan told Shangguan about that circle of friends. After that, she said anxiously: “It’s not easy, I suspect that Shuyao girl likes instructor Lin. This is not a good thing, then Lin The instructor is already a family member.”
After Shangguan Difficulty listened, his face began to heavier. After thinking about it for a while, he took out his mobile phone and made a call.
After a while, he hung up the phone, sighed and said: “The Intelligence Bureau told me that the girl was in Huacheng some time ago and asked Lin Ziming to pretend to be her boyfriend, and Lin Ziming also beat Qin Long… …”
It is very easy to find out the energy that is not easy for the officials. After Xiao Lan listened, she immediately became even more worried, and said, “Oh! In this way, the girl really has an abnormal relationship with Instructor Lin! What can I do? Then instructor Lin has a family. People from the room! Alas, this instructor Lin is also, he actually took care of our Shangguanjia. He thought he was a master, so he could not put us Shangguanjia= in his eyes? It’s not easy for you to keep him, too. When we come to our house for the night, this is to invite the wolf into the room. If this spreads, our Shangguan family’s reputation will be lost.”
Xiao Lan was very anxious. As a mother, Shangguan Shuyao was all she had.
In contrast, Shangguan is not easy to calm down a lot, he said: “Don’t worry, observe for a period of time, understand the truth, it is not too late to deal with it.”
Xiao Lan nodded, and she can only do so now. After all, the Kung Fu Cup has already begun, and Lin Ziming is the key.

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