A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1617

On Lin Ziming’s side, he meditated in his room, and did not deliberately radiate his own consciousness, otherwise, with his ability, he could hear all the movements in the manor.
So he didn’t even know that he had been misunderstood by Shangguan Buyi and Xiao Lan. If he knew, he would definitely be very depressed and helpless.
However, even if he really knew it, he wouldn’t take it too seriously, because these were trivial things to him.
His current realm has long since been separated from low-level tastes, and even these ambiguities and gossip don’t care much.
He is pursuing the ultimate in martial arts.
Of course, this does not mean that he has no concept of affection, and he is still very responsible for Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang.
It’s just that his vision and pursuit have slowly changed.
For him, Shangguan Shuyao is just a passer-by in his life.
Even the Shangguan family didn’t make him too awed, or even jealous.
Although the Shangguan family is so powerful, in the near future, it can even become the master of China.
But what about it?
As long as he successfully breaks through the God-Throughout Realm, he will be like an immortal on the road by then, no longer at the same level as ordinary people.
Just like the military god Huangpu Dao, his current status has long been above the country.
It may not be appropriate to say this. The military god is above all state controllers, but he still has the concept of a country, otherwise he would not be willing to become the patron saint of China.
And once Lin Ziming broke through to the God-Throughout Realm, by then he would also exist at the level of a military god.
At this level, apart from nuclear weapons, none of the other methods can pose a threat to the psychic.
Conceptually speaking, even nuclear weapons can not threaten masters of the gods, because the lethality brought by nuclear weapons is too great, at least it is a funeral of more than one million level. No country is willing to do so.
Lin Ziming had entered a more mysterious state now, meditating like a statue on the ground, as if there was no movement.
He kept doing this, motionless, and didn’t start opening his eyes until the next morning.
The energy is very energetic, and the quality is better than that of ordinary people who sleep for ten hours.
Before the servant came and knocked on the door, Lin Ziming opened the door first, followed the servant downstairs, and had breakfast with Shangguan’s family.
If a young man of his age is changed, he will spend the night at Shangguan’s house, facing the two mountains of Shangguan’s stalwart and Shangguan’s not easy. He dared not speak loudly, and was cautious when breathing.
But Lin Ziming didn’t have any. He always behaved calmly, neither humble nor overbearing, as if he was in his own home.
With his demeanor, the Shangguan family nodded secretly and admired it very much. This is the person who does great things.
Especially Xiao Lan, since Lin Ziming came out of the room, she has been secretly looking at Lin Ziming.
I have to admit that Lin Ziming is the most outstanding man she has ever seen. Putting aside Lin Ziming’s terrifying strength, it is Lin Ziming’s temperament and demeanor that other people of the same age don’t have.
Apart from other things, Lin Ziming is indeed worthy of Shangguan Shuyao. It’s just a pity that Lin Ziming is already a man with a family, and it is destined that Shangguan Shuyao is unlikely to have anything to do with Lin Ziming.
Just like a princess in the royal family, it is impossible to marry a married man.

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