A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1620

But in the face of Lin Ziming’s words, no matter whether it was Shangguan’s stalwart or Shangguan’s not easy, they did not speak, but fell into a wry smile.
Lin Ziming is not stupid. Seeing them like this, he immediately realized that there must be something wrong with this Ouyang Full Moon, and it was very likely that he was not eligible to participate in the Kung Fu Cup.
He asked his own question, “Is this Ouyang Full Moon, not a Chinese?”
Indeed, if you are not a Chinese, you are not qualified to represent China, even if you are a mixed race.
The Kung Fu Cup is a game between country and country, blood and blood.
“That’s not true.” Shangguan Wei’an shook his head, denied this, paused and continued: “Ouyang Manyue is a Chinese, but three years ago, because of some things, he had some mental problems. Now Locked in a special mental hospital.”
Lin Ziming was really surprised when he heard these words. In his understanding, as long as people who have reached the congenital realm of Dzogchen, they are all people with great wisdom and great will. How can they suffer from mental illness?
It can be said that driving an Innate Realm Great Perfection master crazy is many times more difficult than killing him!
However, since Shangguan Wei An said so, then there must be such a thing.
“That’s really a shame.” Lin Ziming sighed and said, this meant that he was the only one who added ginseng in this Kung Fu Cup.
Shangguan Buyi said at this time: “Instructor Lin, I don’t know if you are interested in seeing Ouyang Manyue?”
Lin Ziming thought for a while and said, “Where is his mental illness?”
“He became a King of Destruction. He was completely out of control and killed when he saw people.” Shangguan Wei An said, and then he briefly introduced the Ouyang Full Moon to Lin Ziming.
After Lin Ziming listened, he was also quite embarrassed. It turned out that this Ouyang full moon was normal and he was very loyal to the country.
It’s a pity that three years ago, I saw the scene of my family being slaughtered, so I went crazy right now. I killed people when I saw them. In the end, they were subdued by the military god and thrown into the mental hospital.
Lin Ziming didn’t have much to say, anyway, he was ready to play by himself, even if one hit seven, he would do it with little confidence. This was his mission.
Having said that, Shangguan Wei’an said: “Instructor Lin, this matter is very important. We also hope that you don’t have any psychological burden. When you are sure, you will compete. If you are not sure, try to save your life.”
Lin Ziming smiled slightly when he heard this, and didn’t say anything, because he knew that once he played, there would be no way to save his life.
After a pause, Shangguan Wei’an said again: “Instructor Lin, you can put forward any requirements that can satisfy you, and the country will try its best to satisfy you.”
Lin Ziming thought for a while and said, “If I really have something to do in the Kung Fu Cup, ask the country to protect my family. This is my only request.”
Shangguan Wei’an took a deep breath, stared at Lin Ziming closely, stood up, saluted, and said very solemnly: “You can rest assured that the country will definitely not let your family be harmed!”
Lin Ziming laughed, “Then I have no problem.”

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