A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1621

Next, they talked about some details, and the time was almost up, and Lin Ziming was about to leave.
When he was about to leave the manor, Shangguan Shuyao stopped him and said with a complicated expression: “Lin Ziming, are you going to participate in the Kung Fu Cup?”
Lin Ziming was not surprised that Shangguan Shuyao would know about this. He didn’t even conceal anything. He nodded generously and said, “Yes.”
Shangguan Shuyao bit her lip and stared at him closely. After a while, she said, “Then you must pay attention to your safety and live.”
“Yeah.” Lin Ziming nodded lightly, waved his hand, and then turned and left.
But he didn’t know how far he had gone, Shangguan Shuyao stopped him again.
“Lin Ziming!”
Lin Ziming looked at her suspiciously again.
But this time Shangguan Shuyao didn’t say anything, but after looking at him for a long time, she shook her head and said that she didn’t have anything.
Lin Ziming rolled his eyes and felt that Shangguan Shuyao was playing tricks on him again. However, he didn’t bother to have the same knowledge as Shangguan Shuyao. After leaving the manor, he was going to return to Huacheng directly.
The Kung Fu Cup is still going on, and he has to go back to formally sign up.
And this time the Kung Fu Cup is extremely important, he must be fully prepared, there must be no trace of error.
However, how long hadn’t he been away from Shangguan’s house? Suddenly, a jeep hit him at a very fast speed. There was no intention to slow down a bit. The speed was at least 150 yards.
If this is hit, Lin Ziming will have to be knocked out!
And the most important thing is that it’s still an urban area, and it drives so fast, it’s crazy.
When Lin Ziming saw this scene, he frowned slightly. He couldn’t tell where he was. This jeep rushed to him on purpose and was going to hit him to death.
This was his second visit to Yandu. Apart from Shangguan’s family, he didn’t know anyone at all, and there was no enemy.
The reason for this situation, Lin Ziming quickly figured out, most of it was the second generation ancestor in Shangguan Shuyao’s circle.
He stood in place, with no intention to dodge, to passers-by, he seemed to be frightened and stupid.
When the people in the car saw this scene, the corners of their mouths rose up, showing a disdainful sneer, “This is the man Shangguan looks at, and I think it’s nothing more than that, so I was scared to pee.”
“Well, do you want to kill him?”
“Bump, anyway, this is on our territory. Even if he is killed, it won’t be a big deal. Since this guy dares to run into an official, he should be prepared to be taken care of by us.”
Seeing that the jeep was about to hit Lin Ziming, at this moment, Lin Ziming’s figure moved.
In fact, he didn’t see his specific actions. From everyone’s point of view, he seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.
When he appeared again, he appeared beside the jeep, and he stretched out his foot and kicked directly on the jeep driving at high speed. The jeep slipped directly and hit a side wall, banging. With a loud noise, the wall was knocked over!
This scene shocked many people around.
Everyone didn’t expect that this jeep was already going to hit Lin Ziming, and it would actually deviate on its own. After a big change, it hit the wall next to it.
But Lin Ziming still stood there, unscathed.
Fortunately, this jeep is bulletproof and extremely strong. Even if it is installed on the wall, there will be no serious car accidents, but the people inside are not lightly shaken.
In addition, there is no danger to life.
Two minutes later, two people staggered down from the jeep, with blood on their heads, and they seemed to have suffered serious injuries.

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