A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1625

“Haha, is this here? It seems that the two guys Mingjun and Xiaohai did a good job. They brought Lin Ziming over so soon!”
“Tsk tusk, it’s interesting, I really want to see what he looks like if he can pursue Shangguan.”
“I don’t know if Shangguan followed? If Shangguan followed, we wouldn’t be very good at teaching this guy.”
The smile on Qin Long’s face was still very bright, and there were waves of hatred in his eyes. He smiled and said: “How can I let Shangguan come in on this occasion. Now, only Lin Ziming is here.”
After a pause, he said again, “Everyone, when Lin Ziming arrives, you have to work harder, don’t let this guy put us down. We want to let Lin Ziming see and see, we Yan are the younger generation of great. !”
Qin Long’s words were full of provocative, which immediately aroused many people’s sympathy.
“Hahaha, of course, we will definitely play with this guy.”
“I don’t know if he can go out completely this time!”
“Since he is here, he must not be allowed to go out completely, what are you thinking about?”
“Hahahaha, that’s…”
In the entire manor, there was a heated atmosphere, and each of them regarded Lin Ziming as prey, and they didn’t even look at Lin Ziming at all. After preparing, when Lin Ziming arrived, he humiliated Lin Ziming severely.
This time, they didn’t even put Lin Ziming in their eyes.
Because this is Yandu, their territory, here, even if Lin Ziming is killed, they won’t have any trouble!
They have investigated Lin Ziming, who is a very high-level warrior, and it seems that he has reached the realm of innate realm of great perfection.
But so what?
No matter how good Lin Ziming’s martial arts level was, he was nothing more than a martial artist, a mud-legged man.
If Lin Ziming can fight, can he beat everyone?
Besides, this time they are not like Hwaseong before, they are not prepared at all. Not only did they recruit a few martial arts high-powered innate realm powerhouses, most importantly, there is also a super master in the innate realm Dzogchen!
In addition, they also have hot weapons.
With a gun in hand, even if Lin Ziming is more powerful, a single bullet can take Lin Ziming away.
So this is their dependence, as long as Lin Ziming dares to go to the meeting alone, then Lin Ziming’s fate is doomed, there is only one word, that is death!
At this moment, everyone was looking at the door, waiting for Lin Ziming’s arrival.
And sure enough, under their gaze, Lin Ziming soon appeared.
Lin Ziming came alone, with empty hands, walking in slowly.
When all of them saw Lin Ziming, Lin Ziming also saw them.
Lin Ziming’s eyes were so sharp, he just took a look, and in just a second, he had clearly seen 90% of the situation in the house.

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