A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1626

His gaze immediately focused on the middle-aged man next to Qin Long. This is a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, whose breath is hidden, only revealing the third stage of Innate Realm. Breath. But Lin Ziming could feel it all at once that the opponent was a master of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, but his strength was not bad.
In addition, there are two masters of the fourth stage of the innate realm, and five masters of the innate realm.
In addition to these, there are more than 20 special forces with extraordinary skills, hidden in them, and they all carry guns. Once he took the shot, Lin Ziming’s pressure would be tremendous.
It seems that Qin Long is ready this time.
After changing to any Dzogchen master of the Innate Realm, seeing this situation, they would turn around in fright and ran away.
Because this is simply not something that an Innate Realm Great Perfection master can resist.
At that moment, even Lin Ziming felt the pressure.
Of course, this pressure was soon suppressed by him.
Although the masters here are very large, for Lin Ziming, that’s it.
It just so happens that he can be tempered and tempered, anyway, he will go back to Hwaseong soon to participate in the Kung Fu Cup.
Lin Ziming walked in like this. In the noisy room, there was no one talking, which seemed so strange.
Qin Long reacted first and applauded, “Lin Ziming, Lin Ziming, I really admire you, knowing that today is a Hongmen Banquet, you dare to come over, it seems that you are very confident in yourself!”
After he clapped his applause, he immediately caused other people to start taunting Lin Ziming. They all looked at Lin Ziming with the eyes of their prey. Some men who have a good impression of Shangguan Shuyao, because of the things in the past few days, they have already gotten to Lin Ziming Hate.
Especially when they thought that Shangguan Shuyao might have had a relationship with Lin Ziming, their hatred for Lin Ziming became even stronger!
You know, Shangguan Shuyao is the goddess of all of them, and now the goddess has been conquered by a martial artist in Hwaseong City, and it’s slapped all of them in the face.
Lin Ziming did not speak, but continued to walk in. He took his gaze away from the others and looked at Qin Long. He also showed a playful smile and said, “Qin Long, last time I was in Huacheng, watching For Shangguan Shuyao’s sake, letting go of your life, do you really think I am afraid of you?”
Lin Ziming’s words were very plain, but the majesty and murderous in his expression was very terrifying, like a Taishan mountain, pressed hard on Qin Long’s body, and Qin Long suddenly felt unprecedented. pressure!
At this moment, his heartbeat stopped, and his face became paler.
Lin Ziming sneered disdainfully when he saw him like this. It was the ridicule in Lin Ziming’s eyes that made Qin Long react, and he snorted heavily and straightened his waist again. , Said loudly: “Lin Ziming! You humble martial artist, dare to get involved in Shangguan Shuyao, that is your great sin! If you keep huddling in the place where birds don’t shit in Huacheng, I will let you Yima, but you are so arrogant, so arrogant! Coming to Yandu swaggeringly, do you really think that Qin Long has no way to do with you?!”
He said this very loudly, but he didn’t see much momentum, obviously he was afraid of Lin Ziming.
With his appearance, all those who knew him frowned slightly, feeling quite dissatisfied. Qin Long actually lost his momentum at this moment.
Lin Ziming laughed again, and continued to walk forward, and said to Qin Long jokingly: “It seems that you are very afraid of me, and you can’t even speak clearly.”
Qin Long became even more annoyed. He was indeed a little scared of Lin Ziming, and was very annoyed at his performance.
Seeing Lin Ziming walking step by step now, he felt a huge pressure even more than when he was in Hwaseong.

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