A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1628

All the people present have absolute confidence in Master Wu, because they are all Yandu people. They have heard the legend of Master Wu since they were young and they are truly strong.
Inviting Master Wu over this time was deliberately to capture Lin Ziming.
But Lin Ziming didn’t dodge Master Wu’s attack. He seemed to be unresponsive, or he didn’t even put Master Wu in his eyes and continued to cover Qin Long.
And his speed is obviously faster than Master Wu. When Master Wu didn’t even hit him, he had already captured Qin Long, and his right palm directly covered one of Qin Long’s face, and then directly Pressing him against the wall, with a bang, Qin Long’s head directly shook the wall!
Qin Long suddenly let out a scream. Although he is also a master of the innate realm, it is only in the first stage. Now Lin Ziming hits the back of his head against the wall, making him dizzy. Gold stars are in the eyes.
“You’re looking for death!!” Master Wu was furious, his eyes were splitting, he obviously didn’t think that Lin Ziming was so courageous, he shot Qin Long directly, and he still shot it so hard. I had a concussion directly!
Qin Long’s father was his friend, so he must protect Qin Long, but now Lin Ziming actually injured Qin Long in front of him. How can he forgive Lin Ziming? Immediately he became angry and directly launched a killer move on Lin Ziming.
Those second generation ancestors who were present were right. He is indeed a strong old man. It has been twenty years since he entered the innate realm of Dzogchen, but he has not made any breakthroughs in the past twenty years.
In Yandu, he is also a first-class powerhouse. People in many circles have heard his legendary stories, and have been more or less under his guidance.
In the eyes of many people, he is the absolute powerhouse in Yandu, and in terms of strength, he might be under the little warrior god.
And Lin Ziming is just a small place in Huacheng, just a newcomer who has only emerged in the past two years. How can he compare with Master Wu?
When Lin Ziming pressed Qin Long on the wall, Master Wu’s ultimate move had already arrived.
Lin Ziming also felt a lot of pressure. This Master Wu, with great strength, has already surpassed Zhongjing Junichiro, no wonder he is so confident.
Such a strong man, no matter where he goes, is a powerful one, and he is respected by thousands of people. As long as it is not for a genius with amazing talents, it is generally not defeated.
But it’s just such a coincidence, he is the amazing genius!
Lin Ziming didn’t dodge Master Wu’s ultimate move, but directly confronted him head-on, punched out temporarily, and got entangled with Master Wu.
Master Wu saw that Lin Ziming did not dodge, and the corners of his mouth raised, showing a cruel smile. It would be okay if Lin Ziming dodge, because there is Qin Long in the middle, he still dare not give his full strength, but Lin Ziming did not dodge, with him. It’s just an idiot from the front!
At this moment, Lin Ziming was already entangled with Master Wu. Their speed was so fast that their fists and feet quickly turned into afterimages. Everyone could not see their specific movements, but could only hear the addition of their fists and feet, which was bloody. Zhang’s voice!
They played for a minute, and their figures were all over the entire manor, but they were tacitly aware that there was nothing to break apart from the cracking of the floor tiles.
At this moment, from their afterimages, a voice came, “This is the so-called Yandu No. 1 Powerhouse? I don’t think so.”
After the voice fell, everyone heard a loud bang, accompanied by a scream, and then, a figure flew out, hit the ceiling hard, and then fell off, removing the chandeliers on the ceiling. Shaking violently from side to side.
And soon, they took a closer look and saw that what fell was the dying Master Wu covered in blood.

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