A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1630

He took the lead and began to attack Lin Ziming fiercely.
Behind him, the remaining warriors, without any hesitation, immediately began to join in. And they weren’t bare-handed, they all took them, and, with knives, guns and clubs, they greeted Lin Ziming together. They didn’t believe it. Lin Ziming was able to escape in this situation!
Not to mention, there are more than 20 professional retired special forces guarding around, and any bullet can kill Lin Ziming!
The action tonight has only one goal, and that is to kill Lin Ziming!
Lin Ziming watched their attack indifferently. When they were all in front of him, they finally moved and began to speak, “Snakes will always be snakes, and they will never be compared with dragons in their entire lives. You don’t even know who is provoking them. Who.”
After the words fell, Lin Ziming’s figure disappeared in place, and instead of retreating, he started to counterattack these warriors.
His speed can be said to be extremely fast, and his movements are wide open and close, stubbornly messed up.
“not good!!!”
The fourth-stage warrior of the Innate Realm who was the first to bear the brunt, saw Lin Ziming approaching him in front of him, and his scalp numb immediately, and he felt a huge crisis.
It seemed that he was not facing a person, but a fierce Tyrannosaurus, giving him an unmatched feeling.
But with his years of combat experience, he didn’t retreat. Instead, he squeezed the big sword with his hand and used 100% strength to slash Lin Ziming’s head with a heavy blow: “Go to hell! !”
However, his big knife didn’t even hit Lin Ziming, so Lin Ziming punched him on the chest with a loud bang. His huge body, like a piece of paper, was hit by Lin Ziming. The fist was punched straight through, and with great strength, it penetrated from his front chest to his back, causing the clothes behind him to explode in an instant.
And there is the shape of a fist, protruding from his back.
It turned out that it was the power of Lin Ziming’s punch that directly penetrated his body, causing him to fly upside down fiercely.
When he fell, he was already completely unable to move, but he didn’t faint, but his expression was full of pain and intense fear.
Just now, he thought he was not facing a person, but a monster!
One punch knocked the warrior back, and Lin Ziming didn’t even stop. He took advantage of the victory and pursued the other warriors, showing a smile and exposing white teeth. It was originally a brilliant smile, but yes. For them, it was extremely gloomy.
“Next, it’s your turn.”
Lin Ziming said this, and then began to make a move, hitting it with one punch. It was neat and clean, and there was no sluggishness at all.
Under his attack, these masters in the innate realm who had a huge reputation in Yandu, who could almost walk sideways, were like chickens, and they couldn’t even stop him with a punch.
In less than ten seconds, he dismantled these warriors and completely had the ability to resist.
Next, he raised his head and looked at the remaining twenty-odd bodyguards armed with guns.
Those bodyguards were immediately frightened when Lin Ziming’s eyes looked at them. They were completely reflexive, and they began to shoot Lin Ziming!
It is not the first time that Lin Ziming has faced firearms, but it is the first time he has faced so many professional bodyguards at once. I have to say that he is still a little stressed.
But it is also limited to this. Although he can’t be faster than a bullet, he can be much faster than the person who shoots.
So before the first shot was fired, he disappeared in place. The next moment, his figure appeared in front of the bodyguards, completely destroying the ground, and slapped a bodyguard down with one slap.
The total time added up, less than ten seconds, these more than twenty bodyguards were also shot down by him.
At this time, all lie down except for the second generation ancestor who had been trembling with fright.

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