A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1631

All of a sudden, the audience was completely silent, everyone was already dumbfounded, and their minds were completely lost.
Originally, the Hongmen banquet tonight was foolproof. They thought that Lin Ziming could definitely get it right. Once Lin Ziming dared to be there, it would be the meat on the chopping board and let them handle it.
But Wan Wanwan had imagined that Lin Ziming’s strength was so terrifying that it completely exceeded their imagination.
Master Wu is such a powerful and powerful man, he was defeated in less than a minute, and the remaining warriors were also instantly subdued, and even more than 20 retired special forces armed with guns were defeated like chickens.
To be honest, at this moment, they were really panicked, shivering completely.
It’s like encountering the most horrible thing in the world, isn’t it? The most powerful person they have ever seen is Master Wu. Once they thought Master Wu was Yandu, the most powerful person besides the God of War and Little Valkyrie. , But now…
In an instant, their scalp was numb and trembling.
Lin Ziming clapped his hands, his expression was extremely relaxed, as if he had just done a trivial thing, and not only did he not have a slight injury on his body, he even had neat clothes.
Can’t tell at all, he just fought a battle. In other words, the intensity just now poses no threat to him at all.
So how terrifying is Lin Ziming?
They can’t think about it anymore.
“You are very courageous. You dare to set a banquet for me. If you really think you are a princeling, I dare not do anything to you?” Lin Ziming said with a smile, his eyes staring at the audience. Anyone in, caused the other party to feel unprecedented fear, and quickly lowered their heads, did not dare to face Lin Ziming at all, and at the same time, his heartbeat was so fast that he would jump out at any time!
Lin Ziming sneered disdainfully when he saw their reaction, and even these second generation ancestors dared to oppose him.
As the first person in the realm of psychic abilities, Lin Ziming is really not afraid of these so-called princelings, not to mention his personal strength, just in terms of background, he is no worse than these princelings.
First of all, he is a member of the country, and secondly, he also has the identity of the Heavenly King of the Southern Territory of Luo Tian Organization.
Following Lin Ziming’s footsteps, walking towards them, they were even more terrified, and both feet were swaying.
Under his immense pressure, someone finally couldn’t bear it. He thumped and knelt down and said quickly, “It’s none of my business, it’s Qin Long who asked us to come over!”
With the first person taking the lead, the others knelt down even more simply, and one after another followed suit.
Don’t look at the way they are usually arrogant and talkative, in fact, they don’t have any arrogance in their bones.
Lin Ziming continued to walk over, he has never been a kind person, and his character is to give a tooth for a tooth.
This group of second generation ancestors dared to hit the idea of ​​his family, which he could not tolerate. If he does not teach these second generation ancestors a profound lesson, I believe they will not remember it in their hearts!
So when he walked to the first princeling party, he didn’t have any nonsense. He grabbed his hair and lifted him up with one hand. “I heard that you are looking for trouble with my family?”

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