A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1632

The man was so painful to be lifted by Lin Ziming, but he didn’t dare to say a word of pain, for fear that he would provoke Lin Ziming, the murderer. Wrong, now in their minds, Lin Ziming is the incarnation of the killing god.
He could only endure the pain, and quickly shook his head and said: “No, no, it’s not my idea, it’s none of my business, brother, please let me go, I won’t dare anymore… …”
Facing the tremendous pressure brought by Lin Ziming, the princeling was so scared that his whole body was shaking terribly.
Lin Ziming really looked down on such soft-footed crabs, and said disdainfully: “I still don’t want to do it. You are so scared, you are really ashamed of your family.”
Hearing Lin Ziming’s words, he was ashamed, but he couldn’t bring up any anger or hatred at all. There was only infinite fear and regret. He knew that Lin Ziming was so abnormal. Even if he gave him a hundred courage, he would not dare to fight with Lin Zi. Ming is right.
“Brother Lin, please, let me go, I don’t want to die…” He was scared and cried directly.
Lin Ziming was quite speechless, he didn’t even know how to do it, so that scared him to tears? It’s too timid.
Of course, Lin Ziming is a very principled person. He said that in order to treat everyone equally, he must treat him equally. Naturally, he would not let him off just because this guy was so scared.
So Lin Ziming lifted his neck and shook it casually. This guy flew out like a ball, hit the wall beside him, and broke into a fracture. When he fell, he screamed. , The voice sounded like killing a pig without any difference.
When other people saw this scene, they became more frightened.
Some people even couldn’t help it, and turned around and wanted to run.
But, can he run away in Lin Ziming’s hands?
Lin Ziming just sneered. He couldn’t see it. He kicked up a chair next to him, flew to the person who had escaped, and then slammed into the person’s back with a bang. , Directly knocked that person to the ground.
And accompanied by a screaming scream, a big mouthful of blood spurted out.
“Who would dare to run, one word, death.”
As Lin Ziming’s words fell, suddenly, there were several people who were preparing to escape, their scalp numb, trembling fiercely, and did not dare to run away.
At the same time, they felt that Lin Ziming’s gaze was placed meaningfully on them, and they immediately made them too scared to breathe. On their foreheads, large drops of cold sweat came out, as if they were being stared at by the god of death. They grow up so old, they have never experienced this kind of fear.
Especially now that Lin Ziming began to walk towards them, they became even more frightened. Without thinking about it, they fell to their knees, banging their heads and begging for mercy, “Instructor Lin, we are wrong, please let us go. , We don’t want to die yet…”
Others felt very sad when they saw this scene. They were the princelings of Yandu walking sideways. Now they were taught by Lin Ziming to be like this. They have no dignity and everything. If it spreads out, theirs You lose face.
But at this point, they can no longer think about these. Now, they all have only one idea, that is to survive.
“Who proposed to threaten me with my family, who was the first to report, I let him go.”
Lin Ziming walked up to them and said condescendingly.

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