A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1635

Lin Ziming had already heard of his name for Little Wu Shen, and knew that he was the number one master in Yandu, and he was also once known as the strongest under the realm of Hua Guo Tong Shen.
But after a few years ago, Xiaowu Shen began to retreat, and his reputation slowly faded.
So Lin Ziming didn’t meet him, and rarely heard from him, but Lin Ziming had always wanted to learn from the little warrior, he didn’t expect the little warrior to come today. It really means that I can’t find a place to get through the iron shoes without any effort.
“Little Valkyrie, are you here to stop me?” Lin Ziming said with a smile, even if he faces the Little Valkyrie, there is no pressure, don’t look at him now young, but he has enough strength, and he is also sure. Even if he was fighting against the Little Valkyrie, he would not show weakness in the slightest.
This is the confidence that strength brings him.
Others were very excited when they saw the Little Valkyrie, thinking that the Little Valkyrie must have come to rescue them, after all, the Little Valkyrie was also from Yandu.
Little Wushen nodded and said, “Can you give me a face and let them go?”
Little Valkyrie’s attitude is very sincere, his speech is also very humble, and he is not as arrogant as his fame seems, and the old farmer-like breath on him seems to be too far from his fame.
In fact, Lin Ziming was also quite surprised. He knew that Little Valkyrie was very powerful, but the image of Little Valkyrie really exceeded his expectations.
“What if I say no?” Lin Ziming said with some playfulness.
Little Martial God sighed and said, “Then I can’t do anything with you.”
After speaking, he turned around to leave, and didn’t mean to fight Lin Ziming.
This action of him immediately surprised everyone present. No one had thought that Little Valkyrie would actually turn around and leave. Is this performance embarrassing? This is too unscientific, you know, Xiaowu Shen is a super power who has been famous for many years, he almost stepped into the realm of the gods back then!
Even though Lin Ziming is amazing, he is just a young man who is just a fledgling young man. Is the Little Warrior so afraid of Lin Ziming?
Don’t talk about them, even Lin Ziming himself is a bit surprised now. He thought that the little Valkyrie ran all the way over, and he was definitely going to fight him. But I never thought that Little Valkyrie would be so decisive.
“Wait a minute.” Lin Ziming stopped the Little Warrior, and then said, “Give me a reason.”
Little Martial God stopped, turned his head, looked at Lin Ziming and said, “They are still children, you don’t have to be familiar with them.”
Lin Ziming said lightly: “But they want to threaten me with my family.”
Little Valkyrie sighed again and said, “I won’t agree with them doing this.”
What he said was a bit inexplicable, but Lin Ziming heard it out. In fact, Little Valkyrie was paying attention to him. Even if he did not appear today, Little Valkyrie would not allow Qin Long and others to mess around. On this point, Lin Ziming believed.
Because at this state of Little Valkyrie, there is no need to lie to him.
After thinking about it, Lin Ziming said, “Well, today I will give you a face. But next time, I will directly kill them. It won’t work for anyone.”
Little Martial God nodded, revealed a simple smile, and said, “Thank you very much.”

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