A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1638

“The defeat of Huaguo warriors is the shame of all previous organizers!”
“Casa’s prediction is accurate. In this Kung Fu Cup, you should not choose to be in China, because China is not qualified!”
“In this Kung Fu Cup, China has announced that it will withdraw early. The championship will be produced in the beautiful country, the sun country, the country Y, the country r and other big countries!”
“In this Kung Fu Cup, Lin Ziming, who was the organizer, disappeared yesterday. According to speculation, he is already scared and dare not participate in the Kung Fu Cup!”
News and posts of this kind are endless, especially interesting content, which is extremely over-written and devalues ​​China to nothing! Even Lin Ziming became a coward.
Seeing these news and posts, even Lin Ziming’s personality became uncontrollably annoyed.
At the same time, he also felt tremendous pressure. This time the Kung Fu Cup, the situation is really serious for China! It is conceivable that if he fails to win the Kung Fu Cup, it will explode. As a result, the pressure on his shoulders became even greater.
He didn’t stay in Xuanyuan three places this night, but went home.
Today he must replenish his energy, and tomorrow he will return to the Kung Fu Cup with an invincible posture!
Chu Fei felt his pressure and didn’t say too much, just hugged him silently and gave him the greatest support.
Tao Sanniang also knew that he was going to participate in the Kung Fu Cup. As his confidante, Tao Sanniang did not say anything negative. Knowing that he was at home, there was no call, which embarrassed him, but sent him a long message.
In the information, he expressed his love and longing for him, and finally encouraged him not to have any pressure, and he would always stand by his side and cheer for him.
To be honest, when Lin Ziming saw this information, he was still very moved, and he was immediately full of strength.
I couldn’t help feeling that he could have two confidantes, Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang, so what would the husband want?
Lin Ziming didn’t have meditation this night, but chose to sleep, holding Chu Fei, and falling asleep until dawn.
He slept very relaxed this time, opened his eyes, and his whole person was full of energy and endless energy!
After eating breakfast, Lin Ziming went straight to the Kung Fu Cup venue.
When he was about to arrive at the stadium, he was stopped by someone from behind as soon as he got out of the car.
“Lin Ziming.”
Hearing this voice, Lin Ziming was stunned for a moment, then turned around and saw a few young people, among them two women, very familiar, it was Ouyang Yanran and Yang Guiying.
The rest are pretty young people.
After seeing him, they all showed a curious expression.
Lin Ziming was quite dazed when he saw them. Speaking of which, he had also seen Ouyang Yanran for a long time.
“It’s you.” Lin Ziming smiled and walked over to them.
When Ouyang Yanran saw him walking over, her heartbeat speeded up inexplicably. Yang Guiying had stared at the stars and yelled in admiration, “Master, great, I finally met you! Are you here to sign up for the Kung Fu Cup too?”

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