A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1639

Hearing this, Lin Ziming was taken aback.
Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran also came to sign up for the Kung Fu Cup?
Without waiting for Lin Ziming’s answer, Yang Guiying immediately said excitedly: “Great, if there is a master participating in the Kung Fu Cup, then you will definitely be able to win the Kung Fu Cup! Master by then, you will be a well-known master in the world!”
Several other young people immediately showed surprised expressions when they heard Yang Guiying’s words. At the same time, they became even more curious about Lin Ziming. They stared at Lin Ziming tightly, wanting to see if Lin Ziming was right. What a master.
But no matter how they looked at it, they still couldn’t see it, because Lin Ziming looked too ordinary, it was indistinguishable from passersby. They don’t have the demeanor of a master. If such a person is a master, they are really discentric.
Lin Ziming was quite surprised. He said to Yang Guiying: “Are you here to participate in the Kung Fu Cup?”
If Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran really came to sign up for the Kung Fu Cup, then Lin Ziming would definitely want to stop it, because he knew the cruelty of the Kung Fu Cup, and with their strength, it was simply not enough.
Yang Guiying had to answer, confirming his idea, “Yes, how did you know, Master! We are here to participate in the Kung Fu Cup! I heard that this Kung Fu Cup has gathered many internationally renowned masters, and the whole world All of the fighters are paying attention to the Kung Fu Cup. If they can achieve some results in the Kung Fu Cup, they will be famous internationally!”
She Barabara spoke, her face very excited, her eyes staring at gold stars.
Lin Ziming knew Yang Guiying’s character, but it wasn’t too strange, but Ouyang Yanran, a lady, would have thought of participating in the Kung Fu Cup.
So he asked Ouyang Yanran directly, “Are you also here to sign up for the Kung Fu Cup?”
Ouyang Yanran saw Lin Ziming’s doubts, she straightened her chest subconsciously, highlighting her towering career line, which looked particularly spectacular, and said to Lin Ziming: “Huh, is it weird for me to sign up for the Kung Fu Cup? You less look down on people.”
Lin Ziming was a little speechless. He didn’t know who gave them the confidence, so he even dared to participate in the Kung Fu Cup. He shook his head and said, “Do you know what the Kung Fu Cup is for?”
Yang Guiying said: “Of course I know, isn’t it just a match between warriors!”
Ouyang Yanran also nodded, expressing agreement. Lin Ziming saw their reaction and secretly said that it was true that they knew that they did not understand the nature of the Kung Fu Cup.
“I guessed right. You don’t know the cruelty of the Kung Fu Cup. It’s not just a game. Once you get on the field, you can’t control your life or death.” Lin Ziming said.
But when he had just finished saying this sentence, he was immediately despised by one of the young people, and he snorted and said, “Cut, you seem to know what you are talking about.”
Another young man also said: “Isn’t it, the Kung Fu Cup, but a feast for martial artists from all over the world, when the big players from all over the world will be there to watch the game, can such an international game kill people?”
For these young people, Lin Ziming didn’t care too much. He just said to Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran: “Go back, don’t even think about participating in the Kung Fu Cup. Kung Fu Cup is not the kind of play you imagine. The game will really kill people.”
When Ouyang Yanran heard Lin Ziming’s words, she immediately paled and became nervous. She quickly asked, “Is it really that cruel? Will he kill people?”
Lin Ziming nodded, indicating that he did not lie.
Yang Guiying asked again: “Master, have you also participated in the Kung Fu Cup?”
Lin Ziming thought, I am one of the organizers of this Kung Fu Cup, what do you think?
But in this case, he didn’t have to say it, he just nodded and warned them not to participate.
But Yang Guiying still said: “I still want to give it a try. I think I have gone up and I should be able to get a good ranking!”

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