A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1640

Lin Ziming was speechless for a while, wondering who gave you this confidence?
At this moment, two other young people walked over from the car on the side of the road, saw Ouyang Yanran and Yang Guiying, and smiled immediately.
“Yanran, Yingzi, you have come so early.”
Seeing these two young people, Lin Ziming was a little surprised, because these two young people were actually masters of the innate realm, one in the first stage of the innate realm, and the other in the second stage of the innate realm. Exuberant, the strength is relatively strong in the same level.
And most importantly, Lin Ziming observed that they were not too old, they were only about 30 years old, and belonged to his peers.
To be honest, this age can reach the congenital realm, that is also very powerful.
Lin Ziming usually rarely sees innate realm masters who are less than 30 years old.
Of course, compared to him, it is still not comparable.
When the other young people saw these two people coming, their eyes suddenly brightened, and they showed admiration and awe.
“It’s Yao Wei and Liu Xu, their aura is so big, it seems that their realm has improved again!”
“That’s amazing. They are only thirty years old and they are already masters of the Innate Realm, especially Liu Xu, who is thirty-two years old this year, and his cultivation has reached the second stage of the Innate Realm. It is really terrifying! There is Liu. Xu’s participation in the Kung Fu Cup this time will definitely give China a good result!”
“Of course, Liu Xu already has no opponents in our Hwaseong City.”
Lin Ziming was a little surprised when he heard these discussions. That young man named Liu Xu actually has no opponent in Huacheng? Why doesn’t he know? I didn’t even talk to him.
However, this is not surprising, after all, Lin Ziming has already jumped out of that circle. Moreover, when he entered the second stage of the Innate Realm, he was indeed called the number one master of Hwaseong.
Now that the time flies, his reputation as the number one master of Hwaseong City has been replaced by others.
Thinking of this, Lin Ziming laughed, feeling somewhat interesting.
It happened that Ouyang Yanran caught his smile, and some trance flashed in her eyes, obviously, she also remembered what happened at that time.
At that time, Lin Ziming’s strength and reputation were far less than they are now. At that time, Lin Ziming still needed to flatter their Ouyang family, and her grandfather took this opportunity to want her to be married to Lin Ziming.
It’s a pity that she had no eyes at the time, and she didn’t like Lin Ziming at all, and missed this marriage.
Never thought that she missed the whole world, and Lin Ziming now has already exceeded countless times before!
Even the Ouyang family has become an unattainable existence.
Among other things, Lin Ziming’s Lin Group is completely beyond the reach of Ouyang’s family.
Lin Ziming’s consciousness was so keen, he immediately felt Ouyang Yanran’s emotions, he just smiled, without speaking.
Soon, the two young people walked in front of them and noticed Lin Ziming, “This one is?”

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