A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1641

Yang Guiying immediately said proudly: “You are here just right, let me introduce you, this is Lin Ziming, my master! You two, don’t you always say that there are no opponents among your peers, so lonely? Especially you Liu Xu, who is known as the invincible hand that beats Huacheng, that is because you have not met my master, otherwise, my master can defeat you with one hand!”
Yang Guiying’s words were full of provocation. After the words fell, the expressions of the two young men immediately became different, and they began to be full of dissatisfaction and anger.
Ouyang Yanran moved her mouth and wanted to say something, but when the words came to her lips, she didn’t say anything. She knew Lin Ziming’s strength. Yao Wei and Liu Xu are definitely not Lin Ziming’s opponents. Even if they add up, they will fight. But Lin Ziming.
However, she hadn’t seen Lin Ziming make a move for a long time, and she would also like to see how Lin Ziming made a move.
Nothing else, just because Lin Ziming’s shot is so handsome…
Yao Wei raised his eyebrows, and immediately fixed his gaze on Lin Ziming, and said, “Oh? There is such a master? Then I am very interested!”
He looked at Lin Ziming’s eyes full of hostility.
Gearing up, I really want to fight Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming didn’t have the slightest reaction to his provocative hostility, and only felt helpless. It’s like an adult meeting a pupil.
No, the gap between him and Yao Wei is even greater than that between ordinary adults and elementary school students!
So why would he be interested in Yao Wei, and he is about to sign up for the Kung Fu Cup, this is the business.
He waved his hand and said to Yang Guiying and Ouyang Yanran: “Since you have friends here, then I won’t bother you.”
After speaking, he is leaving
“Wait a minute!” He was stopped as soon as he left.
It’s Yao Wei.
“You are Yingzi’s master, it sounds very powerful. We usually don’t listen to Yingzi bragging about you. It just so happens that I am also a master of innate realm. I’m going to participate in the Kung Fu Cup soon, or just touch it?” Yao Wei When he moved his feet, he arrived in front of Lin Ziming. The speed was so fast that several other young people present screamed, full of worship.
In particular, there are two girls who are even more staring at gold stars.
Yao Wei is not only young, but also handsome. He is also an innate master and is very popular among people of the same age and opposite sex.
Yao Wei also enjoys this feeling of being admired, which makes him feel a sense of accomplishment.
In his opinion, Lin Ziming is also physically stronger, his blood and breath are completely inadequate, at best it is the peak of the day after tomorrow, and it is absolutely impossible to be his opponent.
Lin Ziming glared at Yang Guiying and scolded Yang Guiying for causing him trouble.
Of course he will not take Yao Wei’s provocation seriously. After all, he is the number one master in the realm of the gods, and he is talking with children like Yao Wei. If this spreads out, where will his face go? . It must not be said that he is bullying the small.
“Just forget it, we are not of the same magnitude.” Lin Ziming said.
When Yao Wei heard this, his original intention to fight was eliminated a lot, thinking that Lin Ziming was quite self-aware and would find himself a step down.
As long as Lin Ziming doesn’t jump, he will still let Lin Ziming go.
But Yang Guiying’s words immediately made him frowned, and his fighting spirit gathered again.

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