A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1643

Originally, Lin Ziming thought he exuded his own aura, these two young people would retreat from difficulties, like naughty primary school students, dragging in front of their peers, but when they met the elders, they would immediately lower their keys.
But he still underestimated the courage of these two young people.
Yao Wei was a little jealous, but Liu Xu’s eyes lit up, and he stared at Lin Ziming closely, and said, “You have been acting like a pig and eating a tiger? It’s kind of interesting! I have not encountered this kind of fun in Liu Xu for a long time. Young man.”
Liu Xu now stepped forward two steps and stood in front of Lin Ziming, looking at Lin Ziming teasingly and provocatively, and he twisted his neck, geared his hands, and looked like he was about to fight.
His appearance made Lin Ziming frown even more.
When other people saw that Liu Xu was about to take the shot himself, they were even more excited.
Even Yang Guiying opened her eyes wide with expectation and pride on her face. She thought that her strategy had succeeded and successfully aroused Liu Xu’s hostility towards Lin Ziming. In this way, she could see the relationship between Liu Xu and Lin Ziming. Wrestling!
“My master is not pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, but he doesn’t put you in his eyes. It’s that simple.” Yang Guiying added another fire, for fear that the two of them would not be able to fight.
Sure enough, her aggressive approach worked for Liu Xu. He laughed directly and said, “Is that so? Then I’m very interested!”
After saying this, he didn’t care whether Lin Ziming answered or not, and he shot Lin Ziming directly.
His speed was almost to the extreme for everyone present, and he exuded a turbulent breath, and in that moment, everyone’s breath was held.
But for Lin Ziming, his speed is no different from that of a snail.
Lin Ziming sighed, he was really helpless, thinking that he was a master of Dzogchen in the dignified innate realm, even the little Valkyrie thought he was not his opponent. But now, returning to Hwaseong, a young man appeared and challenged him.
But Lin Ziming also knew that if he didn’t show his hands, the other party wouldn’t give up.
Well, let these young people know the cruelty of the Kung Fu Cup.
After understanding this, Lin Ziming had no worries. He stood there, waiting for Liu Xu’s fist to come over.
He looked motionless, it seemed to others that he couldn’t react, or was frightened stupidly.
But what happened next was far beyond their imagination!
I saw Liu Xu’s surging punch, even a large rock could blow him out, but when he arrived in front of Lin Ziming, Lin Ziming caught him lightly.
There was no horrible movement in the imagination, and there was no big collision, as if it were just a mud cow entering the sea, silent.
“The speed is not bad, but the strength is weak.” Lin Ziming said lightly.
At the moment, Liu Xu opened his eyes wide, and his whole body was stunned. He couldn’t react for a moment. How could Lin Ziming catch his punch so easily? You know, he used 80% of his strength with this punch!
Even a piece of granite would be blown by him!
Lin Ziming looked like there was no difference between his aura and him. How could he catch it so easily? This is totally unscientific and untrue!
Even at that instant, he had a ridiculous thought, should Lin Ziming in front of him be a ghost, or he had hallucinations!
Otherwise, this is totally impossible.

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