A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1648

Lin Ziming said that just now, his tone was very flat, as if he was just saying a very trivial thing, but his tone revealed strong will and confidence, which made people feel the intensity inexplicably Sense of security.
After a two-second pause, someone called out: “It’s Instructor Lin! Instructor Lin is back!”
“It’s great, great!”
“I’m not mistaken, it’s Instructor Lin, and instructor Lin is finally back!”
“Now our country of China has been rescued. As long as Lin Ziming is willing to end, then we can definitely kill the power of these foreign devils! Hahahaha…”
Because of Lin Ziming’s appearance, it immediately aroused the excitement of all the martial artists who passed by, and they all surrounded him, looking at him with extremely fanatical and admiring eyes.
Although Lin Ziming is very young, younger than most of them, the steady and powerful aura revealed by Lin Ziming makes them unconsciously ignore Lin Ziming’s youth and think Lin Ziming Is a very trustworthy powerhouse!
Lin Ziming felt their trust and expectations, and at this moment, he had an unprecedented sense of responsibility in his heart.
At this moment, the warriors of other countries also found Lin Ziming and looked at them one after another.
Immediately, the moment they saw Lin Ziming, they all felt panic inexplicably, as if they had seen a big demon king.
Especially those masters of the Innate Realm, who had a deeper awe of Lin Ziming, began to talk about it.
“Damn it, why is this Chinese coming back again? Didn’t it mean that he has withdrawn from the Kung Fu Cup!”
“This Chinese is the most powerful person in China. If he comes back, China might get a good ranking this time.”
“Why is he back, this damn Chinese, isn’t everyone saying that he is timid and has withdrawn from the Kung Fu Cup?”
“Don’t panic too much. Although this Chinese is back, he doesn’t necessarily dare to leave the competition. You know, in the final quarter-finals at that time, all the quarter-finals will be challenged together. By then, this Can the Chinese have ever played seven 5s-level superpowers? This is obviously impossible. If he dares to play, it will be a fate and death.”
“That’s…it is said that, but when I see this Chinese, I always feel a little scared.”
Because of Lin Ziming’s arrival, those foreigners who were originally arrogant have now involuntarily restrained a lot of them, and dare not be as arrogant as they were just now.
And this change has also been seen by many senior Chinese officials.
At the moment General Qin sighed for a long time, and said with emotion: “It seems that instructor Lin is so good. He just appeared here, and immediately added the courage to the Chinese warriors, and the aura is different. Those foreigners Seeing him, it instantly converges…”
On the surface, he was praising Lin Ziming, but in fact, he was laughing at himself, because as a general, he sat in the Kung Fu Cup, but he could not deter these foreign warriors, and brought courage to his compatriots.
Other senior Chinese officials also stood silently. They were also very bitter in their hearts. It was not that they were jealous of Lin Ziming, but that the gap between themselves and Lin Ziming was too great!

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