A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1651

“The general trend? What is the general trend?”
Peng Zhuo’s words immediately aroused many people’s curiosity and doubts. Obviously, they have never heard of this statement, and they don’t know what the’trend’ is.
Peng Zhuo clenched his fists and said excitedly: “The general trend is something that a warrior dreams of. Generally speaking, it is something that can only be possessed when you reach the realm of the gods! And instructor Lin, who is only in the congenital realm, has already been brewing. His general trend! Once the general trend is brewed, then the strength will be upgraded to a new level, especially this invincible general trend is even more rare. This time the Kung Fu Cup, our country is expected to win the championship! And once instructor Lin gets the general trend , Then he can definitely break through to the realm of the gods, when that time, our country will have two masters of the realm of gods, enough to stand proudly in the world!”
Although everyone could not understand what Peng Zhuo said about the general trend, they all started to get excited after hearing Peng Zhuo’s explanation. This shows that Lin Ziming will become more and more powerful. This is nothing for China. There is no doubt that it is a good thing!
At the same time, the other superpowers at the Kung Fu Cup scene changed their colors one after another. They all felt that with Lin Ziming as the center of gravity, like a black hole, it attracted the surrounding momentum and was extremely fierce!
They immediately wanted to understand that Lin Ziming was brewing his own general trend. Once Lin Ziming was brewing, then Lin Ziming would be a quasi-many god-level master, and his strength had to be upgraded at least by a level. It was really hard to say that he could defeat them. Everyone, won the Kung Fu Cup champion in one fell swoop!
If this is the case, then they will be bad, and China will rise.
So in any case, they can’t tolerate this happening.
They looked at each other, and in an instant, they could see each other’s meaning clearly, and their thoughts reached an agreement, that is to prevent Lin Ziming from developing a general trend!
Right now, the person closest to Lin Ziming screamed out on the spot, a powerful wave of air erupted from his mouth, like a lion roar skill, swept towards Lin Ziming.
This violent shout is really too big, like a thunder that exploded on the scene, these people near him were all frightened, some people with lower cultivation base or less courage were frightened at the moment. The body shook, fell to the ground, panicked, and ugly.
There were even warriors who were so frightened there that they couldn’t recover for a long time.
Lin Ziming is brewing a general trend and has entered an unprecedented and mysterious realm. He can clearly feel that he has become a black hole, absorbing the aura from all directions, not just the aura of man, but the aura of heaven and earth. His mental power is constantly growing, and his mind seems to be a signal receiver, receiving signals from all directions.
He had never entered this state before!
He can clearly feel that his mental power is constantly increasing, and it soon surpassed twice what he had before!
He felt this, and he couldn’t help but make waves in his heart. You must know that for high-level warriors, the cultivation of spiritual power is often the most difficult!
Many high-ranking martial artists can’t increase their mental power even in their entire life. Even with Lin Ziming’s talent against the sky, his mental power is only higher than that of the same stage, and he can’t crush it like a fist. .
But now, his spirit has doubled in just two minutes!
He felt that he was full of energy, his five senses and six senses became stronger and clearer than ever before. He even had an idea that even if he didn’t sleep for a month, he wouldn’t be tired! Because his mental power is too strong!
The strong mental power brings obvious benefits. He can control his body more deeply, secrete the hormones he needs, and accelerate his physical practice.
And the most important thing is that his mental strength becomes stronger, and it won’t be difficult for him to step into the realm of Communism.
In addition, he also felt a sense of confidence in him that he had never had before, and he believed in his heart that he was the number one strong! Not only is he the number one expert in the realm of the gods, given time, he has absolute certainty that he will become the number one expert in the world, no matter what!

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