A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1652

This kind of confidence had never appeared before.
He soon realized that this was the general trend he had brewed.
“This feeling of power is really good…”
Lin Ziming couldn’t help sighing.
But at this time, he heard a violent drink, a huge sound, blasted toward him, and his’big trend’ was interrupted at this time!
He realized in an instant that this was the malicious intention of his opponent. If he was interrupted, the “general trend” would also be blocked. At that time, he would fall short. Not only would the “general trend” fail to brew, but even be backlashed!
Some coldness and murderous intent immediately emerged in his heart.
In an instant, he made the quickest reaction, that is, to cut off his five senses directly and enter a state of complete emptiness. In other words, he is now a disabled person, unable to understand sounds and cannot smell. Things, can’t speak, and can’t see things.
Only in this way can he resist the damage of the opponent’s Lion Roar Gong.
In two seconds, Lin Ziming was able to escape the bad luck, and immediately, he reopened his facial features and brewed the situation again without interruption.
At the same time, he looked in the direction of Peng Zhuo and General Qin, and they immediately understood what Lin Ziming meant. Peng Zhuo had any hesitation, so he rushed to protect Lin Ziming’s law!
After him, Li Dao, Zhao Xia and others also ran over instantly.
Lin Ziming is their only hope. At this time, they absolutely will not allow Lin Ziming to make any difference!
“Damn it!”
That foreigner master, seeing that his lion roar was a’big trend’ to interrupt Lin Ziming, his face was extremely ugly.
He was about to continue his shot. At this time, Peng Zhuo had already arrived, interrupted him, and stared at him coldly, “What do you want to do?!”
Seeing Peng Zhuo’s appearance, some regret and embarrassment flashed in the other party’s eyes. It was a pity that he didn’t interrupt Lin Ziming just now.
Facing Peng Zhuo’s question, he also didn’t answer, so he snorted coldly and started to leave.
The rest will be handed over to others.
And almost at the same time, several steel balls appeared from one direction, and shot in the direction of Lin Ziming at an extremely fast speed!
The speed was so fast that it directly surpassed the speed of sound. When the steel ball hit Lin Ziming, the people around began to hear the sound of sonic boom.
It is conceivable that once Lin Ziming is really hit, even if Lin Ziming is not injured, then the’general trend’ will definitely be interrupted, and thus be beaten back!

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