A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1653

Seeing that it was such a critical moment, Lin Ziming opened his eyes again. He seemed to be inspired. He made a weird movement. His feet did not move, but his body formed a strange posture, as if he had no bones. The rubber man just escaped these steel balls.
And his’general trend’ still hasn’t been destroyed, but on the contrary, it is even more surging!
“Oops, I can’t stop him!”
“The Chinese people’s’potential’ is even stronger. Once he is formed, we are definitely not opponents! Can’t wait any longer, let’s do it together!”
At the moment, several Innate Realm Dzogchen masters present, after a short eye contact, made a response, that is, to attack Lin Ziming together, even if they violate the rules, they must stop Lin Ziming from brewing the general trend!
They acted together, and the pressure they brought was extremely huge. Immediately, Li Dao, Peng Zhuo, Zhao Xia and others began to face drastic changes, panic and anger appeared.
“You are so courageous! How dare to attack Instructor Lin in private?!”
Peng Zhuo roared.
“You are breaking the rules, and then you will be chased by our Hua ** god, you are looking for death!!” General Qin also shouted out loudly, majestic.
After hearing General Qin’s words, their actions began to show some hesitation.
Obviously, the four words “Hua**shen” still put a lot of pressure on them. If Hua**shen really made a move, they would not be able to do without China!
But at this moment, a foreigner snorted and said, “What are you afraid of? He is a master of the God-level Realm in China, doesn’t it mean that we don’t have any in the beautiful country!”
Another person also said: “Yes, this Kung Fu Cup has a stipulation that the masters of the gods are not able to do it. If the gods of the gods dare to make a move, they will inevitably be strangled by the masters of the gods of our country.”
This is untenable. After all, they broke the rules first and are still on the territory of China. Even if the military god really kills them at that time, it will be the rule of China.
However, they also knew that if Lin Ziming was really allowed to develop the’general trend’, then they would really not be able to do it. For them, it would be a great threat.
Their eyes met again, they made eye contact, and quickly made a decision again, that is, to continue attacking.
They wanted to understand that they didn’t really want to kill Lin Ziming, as long as Lin Ziming was disrupted and the’general trend’ was brewed, that would be enough.
So they continued to shoot, and within a second, they were in front of Peng Zhuo, Li Dao and others…
“You are brave!!”,
“Deception too much!!!”
They didn’t respond to the roars of Peng Zhuo and Li Dao and others, and with a cold face, they repelled them as quickly as possible, and then interfered with Lin Ziming.
They are also masters of the Innate Realm, but Peng Zhuo, Li Dao and others are still far behind this group of superpowers of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm.
He couldn’t stop even one move, so he was directly beaten back.
Fortunately, they also didn’t have a ruthless hand, otherwise, this trick would be enough for them to seriously hurt them.
They also felt the gap between them and the Innate Realm Dzogchen!
“Lin Ziming, I see how you brew the general trend!”
“Chinese people are not qualified to have a powerful person like you!”
“Dare to brew the “big trend” in front of us, you are looking for death!
There are a total of four Dzogchen masters in the Innate Realm, and they arrived in front of Lin Ziming within a second, divided into four directions, very tacitly, facing Lin Ziming’s four directions, and shot again.

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