A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1656

They are very unwilling, but there is no way, this feeling is the most uncomfortable.
Knowing this a long time ago, they shouldn’t let their subordinates oppress the Chinese warriors so much, so that the Chinese warriors will not give birth to a tragic national atmosphere, and Lin Ziming will not brew a’general trend’!
But at this time, nothing was used. After all, they had experienced strong winds and waves. They quickly calmed down, made eye contact, and reached an agreement. When the quarter-finals were played, they had to recklessly kill Lin Ziming!
Even if you can’t win the Kung Fu Cup, you have to kill Lin Ziming, otherwise it will definitely become a major disaster!
They will absolutely not be able to tolerate it, the situation of two powerhouses in the realm of the gods appears in China!
The other Chinese martial artists saw that Lin Ziming could beat the opponent back with one enemy and four, and immediately cheered. The original tragic emotions were wiped out, and they were full of worship and hope for Lin Ziming!
Lin Ziming showed a faint smile, and then glanced at the four innate realm Dzogchen experts who sneaked on, and suddenly made the latter’s scalp numb.
“You dare to attack me, you must pay the price!”
When the voice fell, Lin Ziming shot, his speed can be said to be almost to the extreme.
It completely surpassed the capture speed of the retina. Not only ordinary people, even the martial artist at the peak of the day after tomorrow, could almost not capture his movements, which shows how fast his speed is.
In an instant, the four Dzogchen masters of Innate Realm felt the tremendous pressure, their complexion suddenly changed, and unexpected thoughts came up, and they subconsciously wanted to retreat.
Originally, with the strength of the four of them, together, it was impossible to beat Lin Ziming.
But because of their thoughts of retreat at this moment, their cooperation appeared flawed, and Lin Ziming happened to catch him and successfully broke through.
Lin Ziming walked directly in between them, crushing them with an absolutely invincible attitude.
Moreover, Lin Ziming’s shot speed was very fast, and the huge sound of fists to the flesh spread throughout the audience. These four super powers, who all enjoyed fame in the world, could not beat Lin Ziming and were hit by Lin Ziming. Then he flew out.
And it’s not so far flying.
Lin Ziming quickly defeated the four innate realm Dzogchen strongmen with lightning speed, and it took less than five seconds to add up. It can be said that it caused an unprecedented shock to everyone on the scene!
This time, not only the ordinary martial artists, even the remaining Dzogchen masters of the Innate Realm, were all sucking in a frantic breath, only feeling the numbness of the scalp, and for the first time there was a thought of fear for Lin Ziming!
You know, these are the four Dzogchen masters of the Innate Realm, each of which can be taken out alone, can exist on its own, and is well-known in the world.
But now, he was defeated by Lin Ziming within five seconds, and he was completely unable to fight back. How powerful was Lin Ziming?
They can’t imagine it anymore.

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