A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1660

After a while of joy, Sun Liang asked cautiously: “Instructor Lin, are you sure?”
Faced with the look of everyone’s expectations, Lin Ziming was silent for a while, and said, “Yes. It’s 50% sure.” It’s
50% sure…
that’s also very high.
Then the Kung Fu Cup continued to be held, and Lin Ziming also successfully signed up before the final registration deadline. His name was quickly displayed on the central big screen.
Because he is a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, he was directly assigned to the Innate Realm team.
When his name appeared, it was another big shock to the audience!
For the Chinese warriors, it is an encouragement, but for those foreign warriors, it is a blow. Those who are not experts in the innate realm, even panic.
In the past few days, the Kung Fu Cup has been held. To say that Lin Ziming is the most famous, even most people think that he is actually the most powerful person in this Kung Fu Cup!
It is also the common enemy and greatest opponent of all foreign warriors.
“Great! Instructor Lin has finally signed up. Now our country of China will definitely win! The championship belongs to our country!”
“That’s for sure, instructor Lin is the most powerful warrior in our country, and he will come out. , The champion is to catch it!”
“We have to work harder, but we can’t lose the face of instructor Lin!”
“Hahaha, I haven’t been so happy for a long time!”
All the Chinese martial artists are seeing Lin Zi When Ming’s name appeared, it was like a chicken blood, exploding out of his 120% power. Some games that could not be won were also won, and suddenly confidence increased!
On the foreign side, everyone sighed and even panicked.
It’s not that they are too timid, but that Lin Ziming’s reputation is too strong!
“I’m not mistaken, Huaguo has signed up for such a devil! It’s over, now we are all unlucky!”
“He really signed up, and now our champion is hard to say!”
“Hmph, even he What if you sign up, don’t forget, this Kung Fu Cup quarter-finals competition will involve eight players in a melee, and the winner will be the champion. No matter how good this Chinese is, he can still play at the same time. It’s impossible to pass seven 5S-level abilities?!”
“I see, he dares to sign up. The quarterfinals will be his end!”
Although they said so, the fear they showed was still indelible.
Therefore, on this day, all competitions with Chinese warriors are almost always won by Chinese warriors, and the momentum is soaring wave after wave.
Lin Ziming stood there and became everyone’s spiritual totem.
On the second day, Lin Ziming was finally going to play. This was his first game. His opponent was a martial artist in the third stage of the Innate Realm. His own strength was also very extraordinary. In the same level, he was at least ranked as the number one. Yes, but facing Lin Ziming, he couldn’t even stand on his feet and directly surrendered.
By the third day, it was still the same, and everyone who faced Lin Ziming quickly surrendered.
As a result, Lin Ziming’s ranking quickly went up.
In view of this situation, the dozens of innate realm Dzogchen experts in foreign countries gathered together and held a meeting to discuss how to fight Lin Ziming!

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