A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1661

In a confined conference hall, there are twelve Dzogchen masters of Innate Realm, each of whom is a big figure on the international master rankings.
Even if they go out casually, they are all human beings. In their country, they are even more admired heroes. They are considered to be omnipotent. But now, they are all gathered together. Everyone has a very different face. Heavy and sad.
If this scene spreads out, it will definitely cause shock.
Finally, after being silent for a while, the foreign leader Johnson broke the silence first and said in a deep voice: “Lin Ziming has condensed the general trend, and his strength is already a level higher than ours, and his strength is still growing over time. It has also grown over time. No one of us is an opponent.” After a pause, he continued: “Today, I called everyone over to discuss a plan to check and balance Lin Ziming! Otherwise, ours Life is not easy!”
Hearing Johnson’s words, everyone else nodded silently, agreeing with Johnson’s words.
It’s just that their faces are full of unwillingness, because each of them is an extremely proud existence, and in everyone’s heart, there is an’invincible’ belief, thinking that they are the most powerful existence at this stage.
Even if they are not the strongest at this stage, they can become the first in time. This is the confidence of being a genius and a strong person.
But now, their belief in “invincibility” was broken by Lin Ziming!
Lin Ziming was too strong and too young, leaving them far behind.
Originally, Lin Ziming hadn’t condensed into a general trend, even if they couldn’t beat Lin Ziming now, but with their later efforts, they still had the confidence to surpass Lin Ziming.
But now, Lin Ziming’s general trend has been achieved, and he is no longer of the same magnitude as them. He has completely stepped into the half-step psychic state. This kind of progress is the first time that all of them feel beyond reach.
They are not allowed to have such a existence above their heads!
Even without this Kung Fu Cup, they would try their best to get rid of Lin Ziming.
Because only after Lin Ziming is removed, their faith will come back!
This is precisely because of this, they tacitly agreed and reached a tacit understanding.
“Johnson, what do you suggest?” Black Mamba said immediately.
Johnson hesitated for a while, and said, “I have a suggestion that we can undermine Lin Ziming’s beliefs by threatening Lin Ziming’s family! Let him be distracted!”
However, as soon as he said this, he was denied.
Zhongjing Junichiro said: “This method does not work. Not to mention, our identities represent our respective national images. It is not appropriate to do this kind of thing. China will definitely send special agents to protect Lin Ziming’s family, unless we are Do it yourself, otherwise, relying on our subordinates, it will definitely be impossible. Besides, if we really do it, then the military god of China will definitely not let us go.”
Others listened to Zhongjing Junichiro. After finishing speaking, he also nodded, agreeing with Chunichiro Zhongjing’s point of view.
This is on the ground of China. It is indeed too difficult for them to kidnap Lin Ziming’s family, and the risks are huge.
Another Innate Realm Dzogchen master asked, “Zhongjing Junichiro, what advice do you have?”
Zhongjing Junichiro said, “I have a suggestion. We can assassinate Lin Ziming secretly. There is only one dead end!”
Many people nodded secretly after hearing his suggestion, thinking it was feasible.

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