A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1664

Just like the principle of playing a balloon, pumping air into the balloon can inflate the balloon, but the balloon itself has a limit. Once that limit is exceeded, the balloon will explode!
Lin Ziming’s national trend is also the same.
If they kill all the Chinese martial artists who will compete next in front of Lin Ziming, then this tragic emotion will be condensed to the extreme. Once Lin Ziming can’t bear it and exceeds the limit, then his general trend, It will become something to bite him back!
By then, Lin Ziming won’t talk about improving his strength, even if he maintains his original strength, it will be impossible!
Even if it’s serious, it will get confused.
This is being countered by the general trend.
In fact, similar things have not happened over the years.
When they reacted, they had to say that Solomon’s suggestion was very vicious.
It can be considered to be within the scope of operation. Although the reputation is a little short, according to the truth, even the country of China can’t grasp their handle, and the god of war in the country can’t help them.
If the God of War of Hua Guo really dared to take action against them, then the masters of the gods in their country would definitely not agree.
There was some silence at the scene, and everyone started to run their brains frantically, calculating the feasibility of this matter.
After all, the championship of the Kung Fu Cup is too important, especially at this point, they have already had an absolute antagonism with Hua Guo, even if they don’t start first, Lin Ziming will definitely not give up.
After a while, someone broke the silence. It was Zhongjing Junichiro. He fixed his eyes on Solomon and said, “Solomon, have you ever thought about this. There is a chance that Lin Ziming will be defeated by the general situation.” If Lin Ziming’s belief is strong enough that he can bear it, he will not be backlashed by the general trend, but will increase his strength even more! Once that happens, we add up, it may not be His opponent, the champion of the Kung Fu Cup, will also fall to his head. And when he gets the opportunity to lead to the secret realm, he will definitely become a master of the god-passing realm!” After a pause, he said more solemnly. : “We can’t bear the consequences.”
Others are also aware of this, and everyone’s face is full of heaviness.
It is conceivable that if China has another master in the realm of Gods, then China’s international status will rise sharply, and then they will have difficulty in controlling and balancing China!
Especially, if they did this, they would have established a bloody feud with China, and Lin Ziming would never let them go.
So Solomon’s proposal can be said to be very risky.
But Solomon snorted coldly, not nervous at all, and said in his unique voice: “He can’t bear this kind of tragedy…No, this is not tragedy, but despair, wait for all The Chinese warriors are all dead, and his beliefs are cracked. When the time comes, without us taking action, he himself will be defeated by the general situation, from falling to the realm, and from falling into the trap. No matter what the result, Lin Ziming will I will quit!” When the others heard him say this, their hearts were relatively settled. In fact, deep in their hearts, they also agree with Solomon’s view.
After all, the general trend is not so condensed. Moreover, Lin Ziming had just condensed not long ago. If you see a large number of Chinese warriors die in front of him, and he can do nothing, then it is strange that his beliefs are not split!
Next, they discussed for a while and finalized the idea!

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