A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1665

Kung Fu Cup continues.
This is the tenth day of the Kung Fu Cup.
After the intense competition in the previous ten days, the Kung Fu Cup has also begun to heat up.
Not only the scene of the Kung Fu Cup, even the environment of the entire warrior is full of tension. More than two-thirds of the world’s warriors are focusing on this at this time.
The Kung Fu Cup was originally a feast for martial artists around the world, just like the World Cup in football. It is held every four years and is a carnival for all martial artists.
The only difference is that the Kung Fu Cup is not announced to ordinary people, and only martial artists above the master realm can know.
After all, the Kung Fu Cup is too bloody. If it is known to the public, it will still cause panic.
Today is the eleventh day of the Kung Fu Cup. A light rain fell in the sky, which made the scene a little more moist. The ring was also stained with water stains, and it looked a little damp.
From the current point of view, the performance of the Chinese warriors is not bad. Although many people have been eliminated from the Chinese warriors in the previous week, since Lin Ziming’s return, the momentum of all the Chinese warriors has increased a lot. Extraordinary strength.
Now the Kung Fu Cup has passed one-third, in fact, many marginal martial artists have been eliminated, and the remaining martial artists are somewhat powerful.
It can be said that all the martial artists in the master realm have been eliminated.
Among the remaining martial artists, the lowest level is also the pinnacle of the acquired, among them, there are many masters of the innate level.
“Brother, it’s my turn to play.”
In a corner of the Kung Fu Cup, there was a dialogue. A tall and slender young man wearing a white robe, with bright eyes and full of confidence in victory, faced him. Said a man older than him in front of him.
The man nodded, patted his shoulder, eyes full of expectation and pride, and said: “Go, win beautifully, and let the warriors all over the world see the elegance of our country!” The young man Man showed a bright and confident smile and said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely not let you down, nor will I let down Hua Guo, let alone instructor Lin!”
When this young man mentioned instructor Lin At that time, strong worship broke out in his eyes, and subconsciously looked in one direction, he saw the tall and slender man in military uniform, like a sword of the country.
That person is not someone, but Lin Ziming, and his idol!
At exactly this moment, Lin Ziming felt his eyes, and looked at him, and looked at him. Moreover, Lin Ziming nodded at him, giving him an encouraging look.
Suddenly, the young man’s face flushed, he clenched his fists excitedly, his lips were trembling, “Brother! Did you see that! Instructor Lin just looked at me! He also nodded to me with his eyes to refuel! I’m so happy! brother, I am sure that this war will be neat to win down, Lin instructors hold up one day for our Chinese nation, and I definitely can not let Shen Ming Lin instructor disappointed! ”
the young The people were extremely excited, and the voices were so loud that the other martial artists around could hear them, and they looked at him one after another, and also showed an expression of envy.
Yes, they all envy Shen Ming, and they can get encouragement from Instructor Lin. This is a great honor!

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