A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1666

Shen Ming’s brother Shen Tao was also very excited. He clenched his fist and patted Shen Ming’s shoulder vigorously and said, “Brother, then you have to cheer. Don’t let Instructor Lin down! Brother is here waiting for your triumphant victory !” Shen Ming nodded vigorously, and solemnly said: “Well! Brother, wait for me to triumph! When I win this Kung Fu Cup, I’m going to find Instructor Lin’s signature…No, I still have to worship instructor Lin and follow instructor Lin to fight the world!”
Shen Ming said very seriously, as if to say something extremely sacred.
Having finished speaking, at exactly this time, he started to announce his name, and it was his turn to play.
He took a deep breath again, took a step forward, with the belief that he would win, strode into the ring.
His opponent is a white man who is not particularly tall, and his muscles are not very strong, mainly because of his momentum, and he is not very strong.
Shen Ming immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Such an opponent, at the same level as his last opponent, is definitely not his opponent.
He smiled, and then said to the white man: “You are determined to lose.” The white man seemed to understand his words and did not feel any anger. Instead, his eyes showed coldness and cruelty, as if he was just looking at a dead person.
He now feels that his body is full of explosive power, even if he is a master of innate realm, he can defeat it! Not to mention, the only Chinese martial artist in front of him is the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow.
Originally, he was only a master at the peak of the day after tomorrow, but because he was secretly injected with hormones before going on the field, his potential was further stimulated. Now, his strength has increased by at least twice. How could the Chinese martial artist in front of him be his opponent?
Moreover, he not only wanted to defeat the Chinese warrior in front of him, but also directly killed him. This is the order given to him by the superior, that is, if you encounter a Chinese martial artist, you will directly kill it! Don’t give the opponent a chance to surrender!
Shen Ming saw the coldness and cruelty emanating from the white man’s eyes. He felt that something was not right and a little nervous, but he immediately threw this negative emotion out of his mind. And he was ashamed of his timidity before the battle, he must win the game, not to disappoint Instructor Lin, instructor Lin gave him encouragement!
The bell of the game began, and Shen Ming did not hesitate to dash to the white opponent at the fastest speed!
His speed was approaching the highest point. With the blessing of his excitement, he performed supernormally, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of his white opponent.
He is also confident that he can definitely defeat his opponent within 20 strokes!
The white player didn’t move, but watched him rushing over without any expression on his face, except for his eyes, which projected coldness and cruelty.
Finally, Shen Ming arrived in front of him, slashed with a palm, and gave a lot of power. He was confident that once the white opponent was hit, he would definitely be injured. And this level of confrontation, once injured, it means defeat!
However, just when Shen Ming’s hand knife was about to smash, the white man turned to the hand, and showed a disdainful smile. He shot the opponent directly and punched out. The speed was actually faster than Shen Ming, and he slammed into it. .
With a click, accompanied by a scream, Shen Ming’s right hand was directly fractured, and a look of horror appeared in his eyes, “This is impossible!”
However, the white opponent did not give him a chance to retreat, again showing a sullen smile. , Lightning shot, grabbed Shen Ming’s neck directly, and twisted…

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