A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1667

Shen Ming felt his scalp numb for an instant, and felt an unprecedented sense of crisis, which made his whole goose bumps stand up.
He felt the breath of death, and at the same time he knew that if he couldn’t escape the opponent’s move, then his neck would be broken!
At the moment of his death, he exploded with unprecedented potential, which raised his speed to a level all at once, gave a violent shout, and then dodged his opponent’s neck twisting in an embarrassing manner!
“Huh?” The white player’s must-kill move was actually avoided by Shen Ming, which surprised him a little bit more, but he didn’t stop and continued to attack.
The leader above gave him a task, he must kill the Chinese martial artist, he can’t miss it.
At this moment , Shen Ming also felt the other party’s killing intent, making his nerves beating violently, “No, he is going to kill me!” In that instant, Shen Ming inevitably developed. The emotion of fear, subconsciously has to run away, even shouting for surrender!
But when the words came to his lips, he swallowed it back, because he remembered the encouraging look that Instructor Lin gave him before he went on the field. If he had just surrendered when he just played, how did Instructor Lin think of him? What face does he have to follow Instructor Lin in the future?
So he resisted, and resisted the fear in his heart. He roared again and launched a counterattack against the white player, “I won’t lose to you!”
However, in the face of his strength, the white player just laughed disdainfully. , In the language of their country, said a look for death.
With a punch, after the white player was injected with hormones, his strength is now at least a grade higher than Shen Ming, especially the strength, which is not comparable to Shen Ming.
With a bang, Shen Ming’s fist collided with him, and he was instantly invincible, he staggered back, and a painful expression appeared on his face.
“This guy is so powerful, he is not the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow!” Shen Ming’s heart was violently shaken, rationally, he knew that he was probably not an opponent anymore.
But even if he loses, he has to lose decently. He can’t surrender so easily, losing the face of Hua Guo and the face of instructor Lin!
With this belief, he resisted the pain and continued to rush towards the white player.
A strong murderous intent flashed in the eyes of the white contestant, and the corners of his mouth were raised, revealing a cruel smile. He didn’t succeed with a move just now. He was still a little panicked. If this Chinese warrior surrenders immediately, then he is not qualified to kill. Hua Guo warrior, his mission also failed.
But instead of surrendering, this guy rushed towards him, which was purely looking for death.
Since this is the case, then he will complete this Chinese warrior.
Bang Bang Bang…As soon as they played against each other, the white players showed unmatched momentum, and even with the blessing of faith, Shen Ming showed extraordinary strength, but his hands were compared to the white players. It was still a lot worse, not a level at all, he was crushed and beaten, and he was already injured in less than half a minute.
The elder brother in the audience saw his younger brother Shen Ming being beaten. He was distressed and yelled: “Brother, please cheer up! You are the best!”
Hearing his brother’s cheering, Shen Ming gritted his teeth. Dragging his painful and tired body, he attacked the white player again.
His will is very tenacious, but the facts are very cruel. He was not originally an opponent of a white player, and now he has suffered a serious injury. When one is changing, he is even less an opponent. He is close to the white player. He was punched out by the white player and hit Shen Ming in the face with a bang, knocking him out!
“younger brother!”

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