A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1669

“You must give us an explanation!” Zhao Xia stepped forward and exuded his powerful aura. As the third stage of the Innate Realm, he is not as good as Lin Zi Ming is so perverted, but in the end his strength is not weak, for these ordinary foreign warriors, the coercion is still great.
Therefore, his coercion immediately made them feel the tremendous pressure, and they couldn’t help feeling nervous and panicked. They waited in full battle and stared at Zhao Xia closely.
At this moment, a tall figure came out from under the arena, leaped into the air in two or three steps, landed steadily on the arena, stood in front of Zhao Xia, and said coldly: “Zhao Xia, you Is this trying to use his power to exert pressure on my people?!”
Seeing this tall figure, Zhao Xia immediately frowned, and fear appeared in his eyes, “Solatu! What do you mean? , Just now it was the white player who shot and killed an off-court warrior in China. He violated the rules and must be punished!”
Solatu is also a relatively well-known strong man in the world. The fourth stage is better than Zhao Xia.
In the early years, Zhao Xia had played against him, not his opponent, so Zhao Xia was very jealous of him.
Solatu felt Zhao Xia’s jealousy towards him, and a mocking smile appeared on his face, “My people have not violated the rules. Just now, you are the warrior. They attacked my people first. My people are legitimate defenders. Who I know that your Chinese warriors are so weak that they can’t even stop me with a kick.” When he said this, he did not conceal his contempt and disdain for the Chinese warriors. His eyes also specifically shot at those on the ring. These Chinese warriors, including Zhao Xia, were despised by him.
Everyone was very angry, but they didn’t dare to act rashly, because they could see that the strength of the Solatu in front of him was good, and even if they played together, there was no chance of winning.
Seeing that so many people were afraid of himself, Solatu’s expression on his face was even more terrifying.
But at this moment, a cold voice sounded, “You are arrogant? Then I don’t know if you can stop me?”
Hearing this sentence, all the Chinese warriors were beaten with blood, instantly Excited, even Zhao Xia breathed a sigh of relief. With Lin Ziming, the matter would be resolved.
As for that Solatu, when he heard Lin Ziming’s voice, he was shocked all over his body, there was some paleness on his face, and the fear in his eyes could not be concealed.
Lin Ziming’s coercion was too terrifying. He didn’t even see Lin Ziming. He just heard Lin Ziming’s voice, and he couldn’t bear it. He was so scared that he was so terrifying that Lin Ziming’s strength was!
He quickly looked over, and he saw Lin Ziming walking unhurriedly. When his eyes met each other, Solatu was gripped by his heart, and he was very frightened.
The appearance of Lin Ziming was a huge incentive for the Chinese warriors present, and he was not afraid immediately.
“Great! It’s Instructor Lin who has appeared, and instructor Lin is there. I can definitely avenge the two brothers Shen Ming and Shen Yang!”
“These foreigners are too much, and only invincible powerhouses like Instructor Lin can kill. They have become more aggressive!”
“Yes, fortunately we have Instructor Lin, otherwise we might still be bullied!”

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