A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1670

Zhao Xia felt embarrassed when he heard these voices, but he did not feel any dissatisfaction or jealousy. On the contrary, he was very fortunate and proud. Only with people like Lin Ziming can the country of China have the hope of rejuvenation, as a member of the country of China. , He is too late to be happy.
As for the dozen or so foreigners, including Solatu, facing Lin Ziming’s arrival, their momentum suddenly became much weaker, and they even took a step back, not daring to look at Lin Ziming. It seems that Lin Ziming is some kind of prehistoric behemoth, with instinctive fear.
Anyway, Solatu is also a strong man in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. In addition, Lin Ziming has not fully released his coercion, so Solatu still dares to face Lin Ziming, “Huh, Lin Ziming, you are this The organizer of the Kung Fu Cup, do you want to break the rules!”
Lin Ziming ignored him, but walked towards the strength of the two brothers Shen Ming and Shen Yang, saluted, sighed slightly, and then turned back, directly Staring at the white player, he said, “From the very beginning, you have been murderous. This is the task that your superiors gave you.” The white player was injected with hormones, and his strength suddenly tripled. Originally, he was very confident of himself. , But now, when he was seen by Lin Ziming like this, his body was instantly shocked, the blood on his face faded a lot, he was actually frightened, his mind was blank, and he reflexively said, “Yes, yes.. …”
But as soon as he finished speaking, Solatu slapped him in the face, woke him up, and yelled: “What nonsense are you talking about! It is your own will to kill the opponent, and it has nothing to do with your superiors.” !” The white player came back to his senses and panicked even more. Realizing that he had missed his words, he quickly explained: “Yes, it is my own will, and it has nothing to do with the superior!” It’s just their poor acting skills. How could I deceive Lin Ziming? Even other people have come to realize it. This was originally a murder full of malicious intent!
Lin Ziming squinted his eyes immediately, how fast his reaction was, and he immediately reacted. It was mostly the dozen or so innate realm Great Perfection masters who worked out a plan specifically to deal with him.
Solatu said: “Lin Ziming, the Kung Fu Cup is allowed to cause casualties. You shouldn’t rely on China as the organizer and want to break the rules! This consequence, I am afraid that it is not because you have a congenital realm that can achieve great success.
Assuming it !” Lin Ziming didn’t say a word, his gaze crossed Solatu and looked at the several Innate Realm Dzogchen masters behind.
There is no expression on his face, so it makes people unable to see what emotion he is, “You guys want to increase my momentum by hunting down the Chinese warriors who will compete next, and want to use my momentum to counteract me. , Make me crazy?”
Hearing this, Solatu’s pupils contracted obviously, obviously he didn’t expect Lin Ziming to guess it so quickly.
Although the other warriors didn’t quite understand this, they probably understood that this was aimed at Lin Ziming, and they couldn’t help feeling a little nervous. Now Lin Ziming is their hope. If Lin Ziming falls, then their faith will collapse.
Lin Ziming pointed directly at the white contestant and said, “You, apologize to the two brothers Shen Ming and Shen Yang.”
From beginning to end, Lin Ziming didn’t pay attention to Solatu, which made Solatu very faceless, and suddenly became angry.” Lin Ziming, what qualifications do you have to ask my people to apologize to the two corpses…”
At this moment, Lin Ziming’s gaze swerved and looked at him, his gaze is like electricity, full of pressure. Suddenly, Solatu’s brain exploded with a bang, and the rest of the words could not be said, just like a duck that was caught in the neck, and stopped abruptly.
“Do you have an opinion?” Lin Ziming’s tone was light, but the endless murderous intent and coercion revealed in his tone were comparable to death.

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