A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1671

It’s just a very plain sentence, but it fell in Solatu’s ears, but it made him feel aroused all over his body, as if there was a stream of ice water pouring down from the top of his head, making his whole body cold. , The whole body is trembling, even the thinking has stopped!
Before that, he had never faced Lin Ziming alone, so even if he knew Lin Ziming’s fame, he actually didn’t have such awe of Lin Ziming in his heart. He thought that no matter how great Lin Ziming was, he was only one realm higher than him. Stage only.
But until now, he has completely understood how terrifying Lin Ziming is. So many masters of Dzogchen in the innate realm are all jealous of Lin Ziming, unite and deal with Lin Ziming!
A very simple sentence, Solatu was speechless, he did not dare to continue to look at Lin Ziming, let alone resist Lin Ziming.
Originally, the white player didn’t need to apologize, because there was no violation, Lin Ziming was troubled by a strong man, but he couldn’t say anything anymore, so he could only lower his head, default, and persuaded him.
As for the white player, it goes without saying. He is now cold all over, staring at Lin Ziming’s tremendous pressure. He has no idea of ​​resisting at all. He just thumped and knelt down to the two brothers Shen Ming and Shen Yang. I apologized, “Yes, I’m sorry…”
Lin Ziming looked a little better now, but the tragic and sadness in his eyes did not completely disappear. He knew that Shen Ming and Shen Yang, in a sense, He was exhausted, but he couldn’t avenge them now. He could only play out and kill more foreign warriors when he was on the court!
At this point, it can be said that there is no possibility of relaxation between China and these big countries. There is only a bloody battle to the end, at least in the Kung Fu Cup!
In fact, when Lin Ziming condensed into a general trend, he also thought about this possibility, but he still underestimated the courage of these foreigners, and he really dared to do it!
Next, he was silent, knelt down to help the two brothers Shen Ming and Shen Yang close their eyes, sighed, and let them rest in peace.
With so many Chinese martial artists present, seeing this scene, they are still very heavy, but because Lin Ziming is leading them, it makes them feel much better.
In fact, after calming down, they can understand Lin Ziming’s approach. After all, this is in the Kung Fu Cup. Even if Lin Ziming is good at martial arts, he can beat the heroes, and he must abide by the rules of the Kung Fu Cup.
The other foreign warriors dared not linger now, led by Solatu, and hurriedly left.
After all, the pressure of staying next to Lin Ziming is really too great, it’s entirely the feeling of companionship like a companion tiger.
Lin Ziming stood up and said to the many Chinese warriors in front of him: “The next game will be a tough battle. They want to kill all the participating Chinese warriors in the competition to hit my Dao Xin.”
Listen. At this point, many Chinese warriors have guessed it, and they are not too surprised, but a small number of warriors flashed some panic in their eyes. After all, a person has only one life, and if he dies, it will be gone.
I heard Lin Ziming continue to say: “Here, I hope that you will really meet your own unbeaten opponent. Don’t try to be aggressive. If you surrender, you must surrender. You can leave the green hills without worrying about firewood. Life is the most important thing. ”
No one spoke, everyone looked at Lin Ziming.

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