A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1672

At this moment, they can actually feel the heaviness, guilt, and loneliness of Lin Ziming. The burden of the entire Chinese nation is weighed on him. The face of Hua Guo needs him to save, the pressure at this moment is extremely heavy, and it is extremely lonely.
Immediately, someone walked out in stride and said loudly: “Instructor Lin, you don’t need to be guilty or lonely! Hua Guo is not just you, but also us! They want to kill us, we still I want to kill them! Since they dare to do this, we are absolutely impossible to admit defeat! It will be better to see whose fists are harder!”
“Yes! I think so too! Before participating in the Kung Fu Cup, I just A very ordinary and ordinary warrior in China, if it were not for this Kung Fu Cup, I would be a very ordinary one among all living beings. Even if I have a passion for newcomers, I would not have the opportunity and space to release my light and heat. Now Kung Fu The Cup gave me this opportunity. At the moment when the great motherland was targeted, I waited to grow up in the warm embrace of the motherland. What reason do I have to retreat? I have to maintain the dignity of the motherland, even if it is to pay my own life. Whatever!”
“Even if you pay your own life, you will not hesitate!”
“Where you are…”
“Where you are!” For a time, more than a dozen warriors in front of them all expressed themselves loudly. Hot blood, and more and more Chinese martial artists joined in. Lin Ziming saw this scene and saw them moving forward without any regrets. He was really moved and felt warm.
At that moment, he finally felt that he was not alone!
“Okay!” He showed a bright smile, clenched his fists, raised his fist aloft, and said in anger: “Whatever you do! We want to play the style of our country and tell the world that we don’t have it in China.
“Yes !” “Yes, we don’t have any kind in China!”
“We don’t have any in China!”
For a time, the impassioned voices of many warriors in China resounded throughout the Kung Fu Cup, causing many foreign warriors to frown and feel inexplicable pressure.
As for the dozens of Dzogchen masters in the Innate Realm, all of them were stern and unsightly. They could all clearly feel that Lin Ziming’s general situation was purer and more powerful!
If this continues, Lin Ziming’s strength will increase even faster, and after a while, they really can’t cure Lin Ziming!
Immediately there was an Innate Realm Dzogchen master who said to Solomon dissatisfiedly: “Solomon, look at your bad ideas. Not only did it not hit Lin Ziming, but it also made his general situation even more terrifying! This development continues to the top eight. In the competition, all of us will not be his opponents!”
Another master of Innate Realm Dzogchen also complained, “You are raising a tiger, and we should have known that we shouldn’t agree with your suggestion! I see, We should immediately stop hunting and killing Chinese martial artists, otherwise, Lin Ziming’s general situation will become more and more terrifying, and then it will be troublesome.”
Listening to the complaints of these two Innate Realms Dzogchen , Solomon just hummed coldly. After a cry, he said: “Our beautiful country, as China’s first opponent, did not panic. Why are you panicking? All of this is in the hands of Solomon. Lin Ziming has condensed so much that when it comes back, it will be even more condensed. Amazing! The two Chinese warriors killed just now were both young men. Then, the show begins…” At this point, Solomon’s mouth showed a grim smile.

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