A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1676

Lin Ziming went on to say: “Don’t worry, I won’t let everyone down, otherwise, what face do I have to face the dead compatriots?”
He said this very lightly, his face was even full of smiles, but everyone couldn’t laugh when they heard his words, because they all felt the pressure of Lin Ziming.
Yes, Lin Ziming now shoulders the hope of the entire China. If Lin Ziming really can’t win the championship, then what is Lin Ziming being scolded like? Even if he is called a national sinner, it is very possible!
Just like a certain athlete from China before, he won countless championships for China, and his glory is infinite, but in key international competitions, because of physical problems, he was vilified by the country because he did not get a good ranking. He was originally a national hero. , Instantly became a national sinner.
But Lin Ziming’s current situation will only be more severe than that of the athlete.
Because now Lin Ziming shoulders more than just the dignity of a country. There are so many compatriots who died in battle. If Lin Ziming really fails, he doesn’t know what he will be scolded for.
They can feel the pressure just thinking about it.
Lin Ziming can still laugh now, they really admire Lin Ziming!
“Instructor Lin, come on, no matter what, I will be on your side! Without too much pressure, you have done enough for China. Even if you can’t win the championship, I won’t blame you!” A sweet female voice sounded, very nice.
Lin Ziming looked over and immediately saw Ouyang Yanran’s beautiful face, staring at him tightly, clenching his fists, and cheering for him.
There was a warm current in Lin Ziming’s heart, and he nodded gently.
Yang Guiying also said: “Master, just do it without any pressure. Even if you fail, we won’t blame you!”
In addition to the two of them, there were also three or two voices in agreement, but they also seemed very small. More people still put their hope on Lin Ziming. At this point, they placed too much on Lin Ziming and accepted it. No way, Lin Ziming failed!
If Lin Ziming really fails, they are not necessarily willing to forgive Lin Ziming. Although they all know, the fault lies not in Lin Ziming, but in the whole of China. Their strength is too weak, and only Lin Ziming can get it. Shot.
But there are many times when a capable person has to shoulder more.
Lin Ziming naturally understood this truth too, so he didn’t say anything, those who shirk their responsibilities have nothing to say.
In fact, if it really fails, even if everyone understands him and forgive him, he himself will not forgive himself.
But these words are meaningless. Real men do not speak by mouth, but by action.
After that, he stayed for a while, giving instructions to these Chinese martial artists, adding confidence to them, and when it was almost time, he left.
He didn’t say anything, he played tomorrow, and if he surrendered if he lost, it would be too selfish and too Virgin.
Everyone has the right to burn for the country and die for the country. What qualifications does he have to stop others?
He did not stay this night, but went home.
Don’t look at his face is calm now, nothing happened, but in fact, his heart is very restless, and he needs to go home to calm down.
However, just when he saw that he was about to get home, he met another acquaintance. .

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