A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1677

This person is not who, it is Shangguan Shuyao.
She just appeared in front of Lin Ziming and blocked Lin Ziming’s retreat. Lin Ziming was absent-minded and almost ran into him without seeing Shangguan Shuyao for the first time.
With Lin Ziming’s current speed, if he ran into this, Shangguan Shuyao would have to be disabled if he didn’t die!
Fortunately, Lin Ziming caught sight of the corner of his eye at this moment and made the fastest response in time. He braked for the first time and turned the steering wheel in a general direction. He twisted the front of the car without crashing into it!
Even so, Lin Ziming was scared into a cold sweat!
Fortunately, his reaction was fast enough. If he changed someone else, it would be impossible to react at such a short distance, and he would just hit him directly.
Lin Ziming’s method is to rotate the car directly. If Lin Ziming’s car skills are not good enough, he can’t handle it now, and he will just overturn it!
In a hurry, Lin Ziming saw clearly that the person standing in front of him was not someone, who happened to be Shangguan Shuyao.
He was suddenly out of anger!
This girl has been causing trouble for herself since she knew her. The last time she was in Yandu, she caused a lot of trouble. Even the Little Valkyrie was dispatched. If it weren’t for his strength, he had already fallen. In Yandu.
Originally, he had no good feelings about Shangguan Shuyao, but now it’s okay, he finally escaped from Shangguan Shuyao’s claws, appeared in front of him immediately, and blocked his way.
Fortunately, it was not that he reacted quickly enough, otherwise he would have killed Shangguan Shuyao!
And once he was killed, he would get into big trouble.
In addition to the Kung Fu Cup events in the past few days, his mood was already very bad and heavy.
At this moment, Lin Ziming was directly irritated, furious, and strode out of the car. He couldn’t stand Shangguan Shuyao anymore. He had to teach this wayward girl a lesson!
“You crazy girl, I think you are crazy, if you want to die, don’t look for me…”
Lin Ziming strode up, preparing to give Shangguan Shuyao a lesson, but found out, Shangguan Shuyao stood there blankly, looking at him deeply, and his eyes were red, a little more moist, not afraid of his angry attitude at all.
This look made Lin Ziming look a little dumbfounded.
The hand that was originally raised can’t be beaten anymore.
Because he could see that the current Shangguan Shuyao is really sad, not just pretending to be.
Lin Ziming suppressed his anger, put his hand down, snorted, and said in a deep voice: “I said Miss, what are you doing? Can you let me go!”
Now Lin Ziming is really afraid of Shangguan Shuyao. To be precise, there is no way for her to be beaten, or to be scolded.
Shangguan Shuyao’s eyes were already red, but now she burst into tears, and tears came out of her eyes.
His mouth flattened, and Lin Ziming was so aggrieved and sad that he was shocked immediately, but he became angry and said quickly: “What is the situation, are you scared by me or hit by me? “

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