A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1678

However, Shangguan Shuyao still didn’t speak, so she opened her eyes wide, and looked at him fixedly, seeing him as a hairy heart.
Just when Lin Ziming was about to speak again, Shangguan Shuyao finally spoke, “Did you sign up for the Kung Fu Cup?”
Lin Ziming was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that Shangguan Shuyao’s exaggerated appearance was actually because he signed up for the Kung Fu Cup? Isn’t it?
Intuition told him that it was mostly Shangguan Shuyao’s tricks on him, so he snorted, looked at Shangguan Shuyao vigilantly, and said, “What tricks do you want to do?”
However, next, Shangguan Shuyao made a move that made him extremely shocked, and saw Shangguan Shuyao spread his hands and rushed towards him. When he was stunned, he hugged tightly. He said cryingly: “Why do you want to participate in the Kung Fu Cup, you will die like this, you will die!”
Lin Ziming immediately felt that Shangguan Shuyao’s limp body, hitting his arms, especially the fullness of his chest, made him feel more contemplative.
“Ahem!” Lin Ziming coughed twice quickly. His heartbeat speeded up a lot. He wanted to push Shangguan Shuyao away, but Shangguan Shuyao held him tightly. He didn’t use brute force at all. I can’t push Shangguan Shuyao away, “Hey, what are you doing, men and women give or receive don’t kiss me, how decent are you holding me!”
This will immediately arrive at Yulong Bay. If he is seen by an acquaintance, he will not be able to clean it after jumping into the Yellow River.
Especially at this point, it is also the time when his wife, Chu Fei, is off work. If she is really unlucky and meets Chu Fei and is seen by Chu Fei, she must not be misunderstood by Chu Fei.
So Lin Ziming felt very guilty and nervous.
However, in addition to guilty conscience and nervousness, there was also an indescribable stimulus, which made his heartbeat speed up a lot, looking around, for fear of meeting an acquaintance.
At this time, people and cars passing by will make him nervous, for fear that he is an acquaintance, and even more for Chu Fei.
Shangguan Shuyao still hugged him tightly, “I know, I know! The last time you went to Yandu, it was my grandfather and my dad who asked you to participate in the Kung Fu Cup and also to win the championship! But I Inquire it clearly. In this session of the Kung Fu Cup, our country has no masters at all, and you are the only one. When you are fighting alone, you will be besieged and killed!!!”
Lin Ziming, who was planning to push Shangguan Shuyao aside, heard these words, as well as the fear and dissatisfaction revealed in Shangguan Shuyao’s crying voice, making him stop suddenly.
He felt a little flustered, and he didn’t understand why Shangguan Shuyao wanted to cry for him? Does Shangguan Shuyao really like him?
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help being scared in his heart. Instead of this, he still hoped that Shangguan Shuyao was playing tricks on him!
Because he can’t provoke more love debts, especially women like Shangguan Shuyao, he really can’t provoke them, and there is absolutely no possibility between him and Shangguan Shuyao. The deeper the sink, the more painful it will be.
The Shangguan family would never tolerate Shangguan Shuyao marrying a married man!
“Let go of me.” Lin Ziming said in a deep voice.
Shangguan Shuyao shook her head vigorously, but instead of letting him go, she hugged him tighter.
“I won’t let go! Unless you promise me, don’t participate in the Kung Fu Cup!” Shangguan Shuyao said firmly, as if using this to threaten Lin Ziming and make Lin Ziming obedient.
Lin Ziming’s expression turned gloomy, “I count to three, if you don’t let it go, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”
However, Shangguan Shuyao didn’t care about his threats at all, “Holding on is just holding on, I won’t let go if you kill me!”

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