A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1679

“You! Do you really think I dare not beat you?!” Lin Ziming gritted his teeth, his tone was already full of real anger, as long as Shangguan Shuyao wasn’t crazy, he could hear him. He was really angry when he came out, and it would be enough.
But Shangguan Shuyao seems to really not put him in the eyes, as always willful.
“You fight, I won’t let you go anyway if you kill me!” Shangguan Shuyao was also a little annoyed, and said loudly.
Her reaction even made Lin Ziming very angry. You know, this is in Hwaseong City, and Yulong Bay is in front of her. You will meet acquaintances every minute, and it may even be Chu Fei coming back from get off work!
At this moment, Lin Ziming was really angry. He didn’t care so much, and regardless of Shangguan Shuyao’s identity, under the irritation, he slapped it directly, and with strength, he took a heavy shot on Shangguan Shuyao. Yao’s body, because of the strength, caused a wave of flesh to roll.
However, Shangguan Shuyao screamed out after suffering this blow. The pain caused her tears to flow out, and she cried, “Lin Ziming, you bastard, you really dare to hit me!”
Lin Ziming was also taken aback for a while, he actually hit Shangguan Shuyao? This is a bit indecent.
But soon he also saw that there was still something indecent between him and Shangguan Shuyao, not to mention that he had been in close contact with Shangguan Shuyao before, even now, Shangguan Shuyao is still tight. Hold him tightly.
“Let go of me, I’m not kidding you!” Lin Ziming said in a deep voice.
He thought that he had already done it. As long as Shangguan Shuyao didn’t really want to kill him, he should stop at it and let him go.
However, he still underestimated Shangguan Shuyao’s temperament.
I saw Shangguan Shuyao raising her head, her eyes were red, bloodshot, and even tears streaming down from the corners of her eyes. That look seemed quite shocking, and Lin Ziming couldn’t help but froze for a moment. .
Just when Lin Ziming still wanted to speak, Shangguan Shuyao made a move that shocked him, even frightened him!
I saw that Shangguan Shuyao suddenly kissed his mouth, and it was still very sudden. Suddenly, even a master like Lin Ziming could not react to him in the first time. Yao, a crazy girl, was directly attacked.
In an instant, Lin Ziming felt it, a warm and soft lips printed on his mouth. That feeling made his body and soul tremble fiercely!
And his pupils opened instantly at this moment, and his mind exploded!
He was completely dumbfounded, and even if he was killed, he had no idea that Shangguan Shuyao, a crazy girl, would dare to kiss him?
Doesn’t this crazy girl know what a lady is, or what is called physique? Moreover, he is not a single man, but has a husband, Shangguan Shuyao knows this!
At that moment, Lin Ziming even felt a whirlwind…
Shangguan Shuyao’s original cold face also turned rosy and hot at an extremely fast speed.
It’s not just Lin Ziming who is shocked and panicked. In fact, why is she Shangguan Shuyao?
You know, this is her first kiss. She has never had any relatives when she grows up so much, let alone she took the initiative!
In Yandu, how many people regard her as a goddess, and how many people have a lifetime goal of pursuing her.

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