A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1680

But Shangguan Shuyao’s vision is too high, because her background, her personality, and her abilities, she is destined to look down on more than 99% of men in the world. Among so many people in the past, there was never a man who could walk into her heart until Lin Ziming appeared…
In fact, at the beginning of the fight, she didn’t really value Lin Ziming, but thought that Lin Ziming’s martial arts was very powerful and talented, that’s all.
But after slowly contacting, she began to understand Lin Ziming more and was captured by Lin Ziming’s personality charm.
Otherwise, how could she want Lin Ziming to be her fake boyfriend? She is so arrogant.
However, Lin Ziming seemed to have no feeling for her at all, and Lin Ziming was still a married man. She was really sad about this, and once thought that she would never see Lin Ziming again in her entire life.
She has never shown this in front of Lin Ziming, and has never shown her confusion and pain in front of anyone. But in fact, she really struggled like this.
Especially Lin Ziming’s indifference caused her to be shocked. What a proud person she is, and her character is also a rebellious nature.
Often the less things she can’t get, the more she wants to get it. That’s why she used to be guilty. The more Lin Ziming disliked her, the more she would have to entangle Lin Ziming. She didn’t believe it, because of her charm. , Can’t conquer Lin Ziming, can’t beat Chu Fei?
However, her conscience and her morals told her more that she should not do this…
This not only made Lin Ziming sad and unable to get true love, but also lost Shangguan’s face.
So in the end she made a decision, just be an ordinary friend with Lin Ziming, anyway, there are so many good men in this world, she can always meet a man who is more suitable for her than Lin Ziming!
She seemed to look away, under self-hypnosis.
However, when she heard last night that Lin Ziming was going to participate in the Kung Fu Cup, and she was still facing such a precarious situation, the situation of nine deaths, she panicked at that moment!
She immediately rushed out and asked her father and grandfather why they wanted Lin Ziming to die.
Originally, my father and grandpa didn’t plan to tell her about this, and even scolded her, a big girl with a yellow flower, why bother with a married man!
However, in the end, with her stubbornness and her last begging, father and grandfather still relented, and told her the ins and outs of this matter…
When she finished listening, she stayed for a long time, because she knew that Lin Ziming was really a life of nine deaths…No, it should even be said that there was no life!
So she immediately arrived the next day, and immediately flew over to Hwaseong.
She wanted to find Lin Ziming, but with her energy from the Shangguan family, it was really difficult to find Lin Ziming’s whereabouts, so she had no choice but to wait for Lin Ziming in Yulong Bay.
In fact, she had been waiting for Lin Ziming for six hours in front of Yulong Bay!
The moment she saw Lin Ziming, her heart felt relieved. At that time, she saw a strong light shooting at her, and the car was driving so fast that she was about to hit her, in her heart, at that moment, There is no fear, only reluctance and relief…
Maybe it will be easier to be killed.

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