A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1681

Fortunately, the car passed by her and didn’t hit her, and immediately, she saw Lin Ziming jumping out of the car and rushed toward her fiercely.
At that moment, the gap in her heart was opened.
She kissed Lin Ziming, and at that moment, she was drunk, a little confused, a little shy, a little happy, and more unrepentant and happy.
She took the step she had always wanted to take, even if Lin Ziming pushed her away, disliked her, and ignored her in the future, it didn’t matter.
While she was still immersed in this kiss, she was suddenly pushed away.
“you you you you……”
It was Lin Ziming who pushed her away and pointed at her, trembling with anger.
Panic and guilty conscience flashed in his eyes.
The look in Lin Ziming’s eyes made her feel a little painful.
“How can you become a decent girl! What a decent girl! You are a yellow girl, you are a yellow girl…” Lin Ziming was cursing, but his mouth suddenly became very stupid and his words were poor. He said for a long time. There is no complete word.
I don’t know why, Shangguan Shuyao, seeing him look so angry and dumb, feels that Lin Ziming is quite cute. His original sad and worried mood has been released a lot at this moment, and he even laughed. come out.
Lin Ziming was even more annoyed and speechless when seeing her still laughing, and gritted his teeth and said, “You can still laugh! You can still laugh!”
At the same time, Lin Ziming looked around to see if there were any acquaintances around him. The scene where he was attacked just now was not seen.
Fortunately, no acquaintances have been found. Although there are a few people who are pointing to this place, they are very gossip, but they are all strangers who do not know, which makes his tense heart relax a lot.
After Shangguan Shuyao kissed this kiss, her emotions were not as intense as before, but she said to Lin Ziming: “Why do you want to participate in the Kung Fu Cup? You will die, don’t you know?”
Speaking of this, she still thinks that Lin Ziming is stupid. He is acting as a hero and looking for death!
Lin Ziming took a deep breath, and his agitated mood slowly calmed down. Although I still despise myself in my heart, as a super master of the half-step divine realm, I was sneaked by Shangguan Shuyao. It really shouldn’t be.
Hearing Shangguan Shuyao’s words now, he snorted heavily and said, “You came here all the way, just to question me about this?”
Lin Ziming really couldn’t guess what Shangguan Shuyao thought, or rather, what was in Shangguan Shuyao’s head?
She, a daughter of a daughter, the future princess of China, actually got entangled with a martial artist of him. Is it for fun? !
Shangguan Shuyao said: “You still haven’t answered my question, why are you going to die!”

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