A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1682

Lin Ziming stared at Shangguan Shuyao’s stubborn appearance. He originally wanted to walk away. For such a stubborn princess, he really had a headache.
But he also knew that if he left now, maybe Shangguan Shuyao would do more crazy things.
In other words, Shangguan Shuyao went directly to Yulong Bay and met with Chu Fei, and it would be finished by then.
“I didn’t die, but sacrificed my life for the country…” At this point, Lin Ziming realized something was wrong, he snorted twice, and quickly changed his words: “What mess, who said I’m going to die, I’m here. It’s to win the championship! Who told you that I was going to die, you came all the way, just to scold me? Your brain is sick!”
Lin Ziming was not angry.
However, Shangguan Shuyao became emotional and beat his chest with her hand, “You stinky Lin Ziming, you still want to lie to me! You are obviously going to die, do you think it’s great to do this, don’t you? I tell you On the contrary, your behavior is the most naive, the most stupid, and the most meaningful!”
Lin Ziming was beaten on the chest by her, and it was inevitable that the distance would be drawn closer. The sensation of a blind date, smelling the deodorant scent from Shangguan Shuyao, made him quite amused. He quickly moved away and said, “Fart! Who said I was going to die? You are cursing me to die! Besides, even if I go to die, what is your business?”
This sentence seemed a bit cruel, Shangguan Shuyao’s movements stopped abruptly, and there was also a desperate expression on his face.
Lin Ziming also realized that what he said was a bit hurtful, Shangguan Shuyao would come all the way, indicating that he must be worried about him in his heart, and he said that, it is no wonder that Shangguan Shuyao would be sad.
But immediately he realized that there was nothing wrong with what he said. At best, he and Shangguan Shuyao can only be regarded as friends.
“Do you hate me so much?” Shangguan Shuyao bit her lip tightly, looking very sad and sad, looking at him tightly, her watery eyes made Lin Ziming’s scalp and hair fluttering. Ma, the thing he can’t stand the most is the look in the woman’s eyes.
“Oh!” Lin Ziming sighed. Now facing Shangguan Shuyao, he really doesn’t know what to say. Since his martial arts mastery, he really rarely encountered such a situation, even facing the siege of the four great innate realm Dzogchen masters, it is far from the current embarrassment!
“I said, Miss, can you save me some snacks? I have already said that I am not going to die, but to win glory for the country. Besides, I am a member of the Chinese nation, or this time Kung Fu Cup One of the organizers, can you not participate?”
Lin Ziming was softened, not because he persuaded him, but because he was not convinced.
Shangguan Shuyao shook his head, and said firmly: “I don’t care! Anyway, I won’t agree with you to die!”
Lin Ziming only felt a headache. He even had a thought, or he would try to knock Shangguan Shuyao faint, and let him send him back.
But the next sentence from Shangguan Shuyao made him dispel this thought, “Lin Ziming, I beg you, don’t go to the Kung Fu Cup, don’t go to die, okay?”
Looking at Shangguan Shuyao’s pleading eyes, he could see that he was not pretending to be, but really caring about him. Lin Ziming couldn’t help but soften. He sighed and said, “Why are you stopping me like this?” We’re just ordinary friends, aren’t we? Take a 10,000 step back and say, even if I really go to die, it will not have much impact on your life, right?”
Shangguan Shuyao stared at him, trying to talk. At this moment, Lin Ziming’s cell phone rang.
Breaking the atmosphere, Lin Ziming took out the phone and saw the note on the screen: Wife.
He immediately frightened him, and just so, Shangguan Shuyao looked over and saw the remarks. For a while, her eyes were bright and sad…

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