A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1683

When Lin Ziming heard Chu Fei’s call, he became nervous instantly. Suddenly, he became extremely guilty and looked around, for fear that Chu Fei was nearby and had already seen the matter between him and Shangguan Shuyao. If this is the case. , Then he will be finished.
When Shangguan Shuyao saw Lin Ziming’s reaction, she felt even more uncomfortable, snorted, and deliberately showed a ridicule, and said, “Why, dare you not answer your wife’s call? I’m afraid that your wife will know about it.” Did you steal it outside?”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming had the urge to curse again. Shangguan Shuyao, a mad girl, still had the face to say, when she had eaten it secretly, it was obviously that she had been pestering herself!
But he didn’t bother to care about Shangguan Shuyao, because he knew that he was talking for nothing, and Shangguan Shuyao’s face was very thick.
He quickly gave Shangguan Shuyao a look, and said in a deep voice, “My wife’s phone, please don’t mess around, or I will really get angry.”
Shangguan Shuyao made a cut, a look of disdain, but her ears stood up. Obviously, she wanted to hear what Lin Ziming would say to Chu Fei.
Lin Ziming didn’t dare not answer the phone for too long, waiting for Chu Fei to doubt him.
He took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and then answered the phone, “Hey, Feifei.”
Chu Fei’s nice voice came from the phone immediately, “Hey, Ziming, where are you? Are you home?”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming became even more guilty. Could it be that Chu Fei was already waiting for him at home, wouldn’t it be so unlucky? Chu Fei really saw what happened just now? !
He quickly said: “I’m almost home. I met a friend on the road just now and talked a few words. Why, are you back home? I’ll go back soon!”
Chu Fei said on the phone: “I’m not at home. Today, a girlfriend of mine is broken in love and drank a lot of alcohol. I am still with her at her house. I may not go back tonight. I’m sorry, Ziming.”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming breathed a sigh of relief. Chu Fei was not at home, indicating that it was impossible to see the matter between him and Shangguan Shuyao just now, and the danger was relieved. But immediately, he also started to lose. If Chu Fei was not at home, then he would be alone in the empty window. Originally, he came back tonight specially to be able to get Chu Fei’s company…
“Ah? Are you sure you won’t be back tonight?” Lin Ziming couldn’t hide his loss in his voice.
Chu Fei obviously heard his loss, and said guiltily: “It is estimated that I can’t go back. My best friend drank a lot of alcohol. Now I am heartbroken. I am not too relieved to leave her alone at home… .. I’m sorry, Ziming, you finally go home once, I can’t accompany you.”
“Nothing is wrong.” Lin Ziming waved his hand and said, “I am not the one, but you. Pay attention to your safety. Do you know that it is safe on your side? Do you want me to arrange a bodyguard to protect you?”
Chu Fei said, “I’m having trouble. I have called the bodyguards. They will be guarding outside all night, and nothing will happen. Besides, isn’t Hwaseong in your place? Who dares to move me?”
That’s true.
Lin Ziming nodded. Now he is almost the king of Hwaseong. As long as he is not a dead person, he will not move his family. Moreover, he also arranged for an innate realm master to protect Chu Fei, even if it was not helpful, he could send him information before the accident. In addition, China has also arranged manpower to protect the family.
Therefore, Lin Ziming was not too worried about this. It’s just that he is relatively disappointed. He needs Chu Fei’s company tonight, but Chu Fei can’t accompany him.
“Well then.” Lin Ziming sighed, “It seems that I want to sleep alone tonight.”
Chu Fei’s meaningful voice came through the phone, “You can find Sister Tao. Speaking of which, you haven’t found Sister Tao for a long time, right?”
“This…” Lin Ziming immediately embarrassed you to get up. As his wife, Chu Fei offered to ask him to find a confidante. It sounded weird.
Lin Ziming was embarrassed to answer, said twice, and hung up the phone.

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