A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1690

It is conceivable that this Kung Fu Cup would be really miserable if it were not for Lin Ziming, not to mention the championship, even if it was in the top sixteen.
And Lin Ziming also discovered that among the five innate realm masters, two of them were Yao Wei and Liu Xu, and they had also signed up.
“You two really signed up?”
Lin Ziming said in surprise when he saw them coming.
Yao Wei and Liu Xu stood in front of Lin Ziming, somewhat embarrassed, after all, they had been ugly in front of Lin Ziming not long ago.
In the past few days, they have seen Lin Ziming’s power…no, it can even be said to be terrifying, and they are no longer on the same level.
Although Lin Ziming was younger than them, they already had the contempt and hostility they had before, and only worship and awe of Lin Ziming were left.
“Instructor Lin!”
“Instructor Lin!”
Both of them saluted Lin Ziming and greeted loudly.
Lin Ziming smiled faintly, and said jokingly: “Why, you don’t want to fight with me anymore?”
When these words were said, everyone around immediately looked at Yao Wei and Liu Xu in surprise.
“What? You two guys, are you actually looking for Instructor Lin to compete? Are you guilty of bears heart and leopard!”
“The younger generation is terrible, the younger generation is terrible.” Someone joked.
“Hahaha, it’s kind of interesting. As the number one powerhouse in the God-Communication Realm, Instructor Lin was actually challenged by two younger generations. What happened? Did you beat Instructor Lin?”
Many people began to bear the laughter, and began to tease Yao Wei and Liu Xu, and immediately made both of them blush, only feeling very ashamed and shameless.
“We didn’t know the identity of Instructor Lin at that time, it was rampant…”
“It’s because we don’t know Taishan. Fortunately, instructor Lin has no knowledge of us…”
When everyone saw them like this, they couldn’t laugh more, but it was not the kind of ridicule, but just ridicule, so Yao Wei and Liu Xu just felt embarrassed, ashamed, and felt insulted.
Lin Ziming waved his hand, stopped teasing, and said seriously: “The next game will be a tough battle. I hope you all take it seriously, you know?”
Everyone nodded seriously when they heard Lin Ziming’s words, especially Yao Wei and Liu Xu. The two of them even stood up straight. Now they admired Lin Ziming very much.
And they have also made a good decision. When this Kung Fu Cup is over, they will follow Lin Ziming.
Then, Lin Ziming explained a few more things, and today’s Kung Fu Cup schedule began.
On the Hua Guo side, it was Yao Wei who was the first to play.
I don’t know why, when he saw Yao Wei on the field, Lin Ziming’s right eye jumped. He stopped Yao Wei and said, “Fight well. If you can’t beat him, then give up. Don’t lose your life, you know. ?”
Yao Wei patted his chest and said confidently: “Instructor Lin, don’t worry, I will be fine!”
After speaking, he strode to the ring…

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