A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1691

Lin Ziming still wants to say something, but Yao Wei is already on the ring. He is proud and full of confidence. In this prehistoric event, besides being nervous, he feels more excited. And excitement.
Especially under this kind of strong national sentiment, he seems to have walked into the hot-blooded animation. As a teenager, he must be generous in the Kung Fu Cup and win the dignity for China!
Even though Yao Wei is actually thirty years old, he has always liked watching animation since he was a child, and he still has two teenagers in his heart, and he also has a dream of saving the world.
In this situation, although he is still not as ambitious as saving the world, he is also fighting for the country. It is absolutely impossible to give up, and it is impossible to retreat!
In fact, in the previous few days, he had already participated in the competition, but at that time, his opponents were only the peak of the day after tomorrow, and there were no congenital realm masters.
But now, the opponent he had to face was an innate realm master.
When he stood on the ring, he could clearly feel that the atmosphere was different from the previous few days.
Suddenly, most people’s eyes were focused on his face, and he felt a sensation that was highly anticipated, which caused the blood in his body to burn all of a sudden.
In particular, he found that on the big screen above, his images also appeared, including his data, his record and so on. That is to say, he is now standing in the ring, live broadcast to the world. As long as it is a global martial artist, he will be seen at this moment.
This is something he has never encountered before, how can he not get excited!
And soon, he heard that under the ring, someone started cheering for him.
“Come on! We must teach the other party a lesson!”
“Come on! We are all optimistic!”
“Come on! Show off the style of our Hua Guojilang!”
“Come on! Let the world see that we Chinese warriors are not vegetarian!”
The sound of cheering came into Yao Wei’s ears. He looked around and saw the people who cheered for him under the ring. Many of them were beautiful women!
Many hopeful eyes were projected on him. At this moment, he felt a sense of responsibility and mission.
It also made him full of power all at once!
He clenched his fist, held it high, and said loudly: “Don’t worry, I will not let everyone down! I will show off the style of our country, and let these foreigners take a good look at the greatness of our country. !”
He speaks loudly, and he is overwhelmed by the mountains and rivers. At this moment, he really has a lot of aura.
General Qin nodded secretly, and said admiringly: “This young man is not bad, he is a talent.”
Li Dao also said: “The general is right. This is indeed a good son of our country.”
Others also nodded slightly, and had a lot of expectations for Yao Wei, thinking that Yao Wei would definitely be able to make a name for himself.
Only Lin Ziming frowned slightly. He didn’t say anything. Peng Zhuo found something wrong with him and asked in a low voice, “Instructor Lin, don’t you like Yao Wei?”

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