A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1692

Lin Ziming said: “It’s not that I’m not optimistic, but the situation is not as optimistic as I imagined.”
Zhao Xia said with a smile: “I don’t think Yao Wei has performed well in the first few games. Among the younger generation, he is considered to be quite powerful. And I looked at his opponent’s data and record. It should not be Yao Wei’s. Opponents, as long as Yao Wei doesn’t underestimate the enemy.”
Li Dao also nodded and said, “Yes, and Yao Wei is in a good state now, and he should be able to perform supernormally by then. I think China should win this battle and give China a good face!”
Hearing that they were so optimistic, Lin Ziming couldn’t say anything anymore.
After all, at this time, even if he thinks Yao Wei is not an opponent, it is impossible for Yao Wei to retire.
Soon, Yao Wei’s opponent also began to take the stage.
This is a black man who is only about 1.6 meters tall. He looks very thin. Compared with Yao Wei, who is 1.8 meters tall, the difference in body shape is not small.
When Yao Wei saw the opponent, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he showed a confident smile, thinking that he must be sure of his success in the first battle.
After the black came to the stage, he didn’t talk, and he didn’t even look at Yao Wei in his eyes. He looked scared of Yao Wei, and he was more cowering.
Seeing this scene, all the warriors of China thought that Yao Wei should win a big victory. After all, in addition to strength, courage is also very important for the confrontation between warriors! Now that the black man dared not even look at Yao Wei, it means that the other party must have been afraid of Yao Wei.
Even Yao Wei himself thought so, so he acted more relaxed, with a smile on his face all the time, appearing to underestimate the enemy.
When Lin Ziming realized this, he frowned and said, “No! This black player is deliberately showing weakness and paralyzing Yao Wei. Yao Wei has underestimated the enemy.”
Hearing Lin Ziming’s words, Peng Zhuo, Li Dao and others also began to realize this, but their eyes were not as vicious as Lin Ziming after all. They could see that Yao Wei was underestimating the enemy, but they could not see it, black The player’s strength will be higher than Yao Wei.
However, in the practice of carefully sailing the Wannian Ship, Zhao Xia still reminded Yao Wei and told him to deal with the enemy seriously and not to relax.
Yao Wei nodded. After the bell rang, he took the initiative to attack and rushed towards the black players!
His speed is very fast, and the distance of more than ten meters is reduced by him in about a second, and he appears in front of the black players.
He has absolute confidence in himself. He was originally an upper level in the first stage of the Innate Realm. In the past few days, under the guidance of Lin Ziming, his strength has improved a lot. Now he is almost half-footed. It’s time to enter the second stage of Innate Realm.
He has seen the opponent’s information, that is, a newcomer who has just broken through the innate realm for a long time. The first few games were also difficult to win, so it is impossible to be his opponent at all.
He had already thought about it in his heart. Taking advantage of the highly anticipated opportunity, he wanted to show his strength and take the opponent down with a crushing attitude! In this way, his reputation can also be established.
As a martial artist, who doesn’t want to be famous all over the world, and besides the Kung Fu Cup, what other way can be faster than being famous in the Kung Fu Cup?
“Defeat you within three strokes!” Yao Wei said coolly. He rushed in front of the black contestant and punched it with great speed and strength. If this punch is hit, the black man The player must be injured.
But at this moment, the black player in front of him suddenly raised his head and showed a disdainful smile.
Especially the eyes of the black players were cold, making Yao Wei instantly feel the crisis!

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